My name is George Chen, Torrance City Councilman and I'm running for a seat for Torrance City Council District 2 (West Torrance) in the March 3, 2020 Election.

My wife and I have been residents of Torrance for 27 years, raised our children through Torrance schools.  I am a first generation immigrant from Taiwan, grew up in the South Bay, a graduate of Carson High School, and went on to UCLA with a degree in Electrical Engineering. 

I was elected on June 5, 2018 serving the City of Torrance At-Large.  However, the previous Council decided to change to By-District Election beginning with the 2020 Election.  They also selected the District 2 which I live in as one of the 3 districts to start the first By-District Election.  With your support, we will continue our path for "A Vibrant Future" for Torrance.

Why Do I Want to Run for Torrance City Council? 

  • Continue what we started when I was elected on June 5, 2018.
  • I have a vision for long-range development of the community such as “Technology and Business Innovation Hub” and “International South Bay Youth Summer Olympics”.  We must take the offensive to grow our city's revenue and plan for growth and become a city that leads in business and technology innovation.
  • I firmly believe that we need strong, fresh leadership serving our communities into the future and one that represents the demographics of the population.
  • I have the ability  to evaluate issues & policies technically and financially, weigh priorities to cost and schedule for best-value solutions for the city to implement, and discern which ordinances are most favorable for the city.

Why Am I Qualified

  • I am a creative thinker with a vision, and I have the passion and proven capability to execute plans based on my experience as a program manager at Raytheon.
  • Professionally, I have proven to be an influential leader as a Senior Program Manager for Raytheon and experience in developing "best value" solutions for complex problems.  
  • Since my installation on July 2018, I have already made positive impact as a Councilmember and will continue providing fresh vision for the city leveraging my life and professional experience. 
  • Being a first  generation immigrant, I understand the cultural values of the demographics in the City of Torrance, including their challenges and how to shape our multi-cultural community into the future.


  • Strong and Safe Community
  • First-rate Education Collaborating with Torrance Unified School District
  • Business Friendly City (Pro-Business)
  • Strong and Robust Infrastructure
  • Cultural Exposure and Diversity for Unified City
  • Recreation and Athletics Friendly; Preparing Athletes to Be Olympians
  • Care for the Growing Senior Population
  • Vision for the Future


If you wish to contribute via US mail instead of online, please write checks payable to:

                  George Chen for Torrance City Council 2020

  Please provide the following information with the check before   you mail them.

   *Full Name of Donor    
   *Street Address of Donor including zip code    
   *Employer or Company    
   *Occupation (if not employed, put retired, homemaker,
    or name of Company if self-employed)
   *Email Address

    Mail checks including the donor data above to:

      George Chen for Torrance City Council 2020      
      4733 Torrance Blvd #887      
      Torrance, CA 90503

Please use this link to register to Vote.  Every vote counts.  Torrance City Council is Non-partisan.  Let's make history on March 3, 2020!

FPPC ID: 1399172

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!