Upon returning to Mankato, Minnesota in late 2018, Hans began pursuing the potential to become a Foreign Service Officer for the US Department of State. In early 2019, after much discussion with several friends and coworkers, he decided to run for the Minnesota 1st Congressional District of the US House of Representatives. The decision was not made lightly as the he had considered running in the 2018 election year as well, but chose to pursue a different path at that time. Hans has always stated his priorities were to stem the corruption and cronyism is Washington DC and represent the average Minnesotan over the powerful lobbies and interests. Choosing to run as an Independent and take no large donations, accept any endorsements, nor participate in any corporate or party funded PACs, Hans wants to return the voice back to people over the voice of money.

This voice will represent every Minnesotan to empower unions to negotiate fairly and freely for employees with their employers. To provide fair markets for farmers to sell their products and make a decent living. We must also expand access to healthcare to all Minnesotans regardless of financial status or current and past health problems. A conscience to end the perpetual wars that our sons and daughters are being sent to fight and die in. The reason to restore the constitutional rights of privacy, due process, and fair punishment for our citizens. Finally, the ethical fortitude to deny the corrupting influence of money in our political process that has turned Washington D.C. from 'We the People' to 'We the Corporations.'

This is a tough campaign ahead for me and the people of the 1st Minnesota Congressional District. $20 million in overall campaign funds was spent in the 2018 race for this district, of which almost 75% was from outside our district from PACs, Committees, and Corporations. The remaining $5.5 million of actual campaign funds was over 80% from large donors and contributions. Both potential candidates were compromised by the gross level of money involved in their campaigns and would have represented those interests that financed them best first and foremost from day one in office.

I, as a candidate, stand against that corrupting influence and with your help, we can once again show the power of the average citizen against the financial corruption of our Representatives.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!