Hi, my name is Nicholas Prete and I'm running for Methacton School Board. I'm running because it's well past time that we had someone who represents the community's interests. One of the things that makes me fundamentally different from my opponents is that I'm running as a Green, supported by the Montgomery County Green Party, and endorsed unanimously by the Green Party of Pennsylvania delegation. This enables me to be a progressive, independent voice for the community and represent everyone, not just Republicans and Democrats. We need to end privatization, pay teachers what they're worth, promote ecology down to the local level, support the Methacton Education Association, and support increased citizen engagement.

Methacton has privatized busing (against public opinion), foodservice, and brought in a private security guard. The 2017 group of candidates known as "C.A.R.E." had a portion of their website dedicated to this issue, and then did nothing when elected. I will fight against privatization not just during my campaign, but if elected as well.

Methacton's teachers are low paid compared to the rest of Montgomery County. This hurts students and the teachers, by hampering the ability to both hire and retain talent. According to the Methacton Education Association in 2017, the average teacher with a Masters Degree makes $8,000 less than the rest of Montgomery County. I marched with the Methacton Education Association when they went on strike in 2017, and it still rings true today when combined with increased healthcare and cost of living. I'll always fight on the side of teachers and students interests.

Promoting deep ecology and Green energy would be valuable to the entire school district and community. From onsite solar installations, to powering the district with 100% renewable energy, to comprehensive education of the impacts of climate change on our world, to community gardening and the importance of life skills, there's a lot more to do even at the school board level.

The Methacton School Board needs a vigorous supporter of the Methacton Education Association.  I'm a huge believer in the collective rights of teachers to unionize and organize for their benefits and wages. Every teacher should be entitled to a dignified income, comprehensive health care coverage, and paid time off. We can offer the best education in the state - but like the MEA says, "You can't put students first if you put teachers last". 

A key value of my party is Grassroots Democracy, and the school board is about as local as democracy gets. That's why I will do everything I can to dramatically increase citizen engagement. That starts by treating constituents with respect. I was appalled at the behavior of current school board members at several recent meetings. They were dismissive, disrespectful, and sometimes they didn't even know the contents of the proposals they were voting on. If elected, I will study the budget closely, and incorporate community feedback into everything I do. I will also work to enable more direct democracy on the board - because it's time for one of us.

Your contributions to our campaign will empower us to make a real difference. We will use what we earn to purchase yard signs, enable ballot access campaign apparel, marketing, promotional material, and so much more. 

Thank you. 

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