My name is Melanie Adams, a wife of 15 years, a mom to two amazing boys, and an avid local volunteer. I am running for Centennial City Council's District 3 seat because I love this community and see some amazing promise in our future.

Since moving back to Centennial in 2012, I have embraced the opportunity to get involved in our community and our award-winning school district. I served as PTO President for two years at our local public elementary school and was awarded Exceptional Volunteer by the Cherry Creek School District in 2018. These experiences have enlightened me to the difference I can make. 

My home and neighborhood are very important to me.  I'd like to be the voice for my neighbors and fellow citizens who would like to see Centennial hold true to its core values while working together for a greater future with well-thought-out growth and revitalization.  I'd like to strengthen Centennial's "small town feel" by supporting and encouraging more local, small businesses and diversifying our business landscape to enable a broader depth of experiences for us all.  With foresight and action, we can grow and progress while protecting the great trails, parks, and open spaces that add so much to all of our lives in Centennial.

Our children are our most important asset.  Keeping Centennial a city where they can thrive and above all else, be safe, is my primary lodestar.  In service of that goal, I intend to nurture a strong connection with our neighboring cities, our city government, and law enforcement.

With all the amenities that Centennial holds, it's no wonder that more and more young families are moving here - just as my own family did - and why so many "empty nesters" stay.  Centennial has much to offer for people of all ages.  If we intend to protect our values while guilding the growth and changes that are on our horizon, we must update our vision for what Centennial can become.   Continuing to do the same old thing is not enough to realize this great city's potential.

Family, friends, and neighbors, please help support my campaign for City Council and I will work tirelessly to ensure a dynamic, safe, and prosperous tomorrow for Centennial. 

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!