I am running for school board because all children deserve an excellent education that prepares them to have choice in their futures. Our district is rapidly changing and we need to work harder than ever to ensure we develop agency, belonging, and equity for all - and to do so within our fiscal restraints. 

I have spent my career in public education as a Teacher, Principal and Administrator, Board Member, and now as an Advisor to Principals and Superintendents/CEOs. I have done most of this work with students furthest from opportunity - and received state and national recognition for it. This is the experience I wish to bring to our School Board - and here is what I will bring moving forward:

  1. A Clear and Committed Vision - I will work to ensure our schools develop agency, belonging, and equity for our students, families, and educators. This is what is required to ensure they have choice in their futures.
  2. Forward Facing Experience - I will bring my deep work with and for diverse populations, creating not just equitable schools but innovative ones that engage students in authentic learning that prepares them for college and careers of the future.
  3. Organizational and Fiscal Management - I have operated school systems and know the complexities involved. I am committed to strong financial planning, fiscal policies, and the maintenance of a healthy reserve. I know how to work with others to make the tough choices necessary to maintain solvency within financial constraints.
  4. Communication and Collaboration - In divisive times, I take the time to listen and seek to understand. And by doing so, I believe we are best poised to make progress - forward and together.

As a parent of two students and a lifetime educator, I want schools that are good enough not just for my kids but all of our kids. I would be honored to have your vote and your support.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!