There are two things in this world I’m passionate about, gardening and politics. While gardening is going great for me, the state of politics in our country is deplorable. Racism and white supremacy are on the rise, the global climate and ecosystem is in crisis, and our democracy is threatened by a criminally incompetent president. The need for good people in politics has never been so great.

So I’m running for the United States House of Representatives. I’m running to hold those in power accountable for the corruption and dysfunction. I’m running to drive action on climate change, which threatens humanity as a whole. I’m running to wrestle away the political power hoarded by the ultra-rich and the corporations and return that power to the people, where it belongs.

Enough about the problems and more about who I am. I grew up here in the Sacramento area. My involvement with the Boy Scouts of America taught me leadership and instilled in me an undying passion for the natural places in our world. I studied English at the University of Southern California and law at Pepperdine School of Law, and between the two accrued a substantial amount of student debt.

I went to law school hoping to gain the necessary skills to do good and drive positive change in the world, and now realize the most good I can do is to lend my (very loud) voice to progressive politics. Let’s change the world.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!