My name is Luis Peralta and I seek to be a board member of the Osborn School District Governing board. My life since graduating from Northern Arizona University in 2016 has been spent in the classroom. I've taught 7th grade all the way to high school ESL.

Being a classroom teacher, I see how policy and board choices affect everything on a district, school and classroom level. I feel the effects of how board members with no classroom experience make decisions on what they feel is best. 

Coming from a classroom setting, I know how the policy and laws of the state affect students on a broad scale.

Bringing more teacher representation to a local school governing board is my goal. With your help I reach that goal.

We need more teacher representation on our school boards. We need more representation of those who know how a day in the classroom really is. Without a balance, those choices that impact students, teachers, admin and families may not have the desired outcome or a rounded point of view. A balance is a necessity.

We need more engaged board members on school boards and I plan to be as engaged as possible. Meeting with those who reside in the Osborn School District  will be a top priority. They deserve engaged board members.

If elected, I plan to create policy that revamps curriculum towards a trauma informed curriculum that sets students up for success across the wider spectrum of life.

Join me in the journey and lets bring the Teacher back to the School Board.

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    “I support Peralta for Osborn because he has always put education and the betterment of others before anything.”

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