My name is Blair Reynolds, and I am running to represent Oregon's 5th Congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives. I am an entrepreneur, veteran, and father of young children. Every night as I tuck them into bed, I grow ever more worried about the future we are leaving for them. Will they see prosperity? Or will we continue down the path of stagnant wages, and increasing costs of living and healthcare. What kind of environment are we leaving for them? Will the be able to breathe the air and drink the water?

I can worry no longer, and must take action for our prosperity now, and our children's future.

Our incumbent, who has been in office nearly 12 years, has his campaign coffers filled with millions from the likes of Home Depot, Comcast, and Petroleum marketers. As a member of the Blue Dog democrats, he represents inaction, uncertainty, and continues Congressional gridlock. We need someone to take action for our District. Someone that speaks for the people, not corporate America.

I am running for congress to represent YOU, to create opportunity and prosperity for YOU and your family.

  • Reduce taxation on the working and middle class
  • Eliminate college debt
  • Make the Billionaire class and Corporate America pay their share
  • Vote YES on Medicare for All
  • Establish a verdant future with the Green New Deal
  • Invest in our children with a universal Pre-K program and childcare

I'm ready to bring some ideas fresh from the people to Congress. Ideas that will encourage job creation, entrepreneurship, and the advancement of humanity over the next century. Together we will build and protect a diverse, vibrant community for the prosperity of all!

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