I am running this race for a very simple reason.  I care about people.

If you haven’t noticed, there is an Affordable Housing Crisis in Savannah.  47% of the people who live here, cannot afford the homes they live in at the present time.  They make ends meet by saddling themselves with additional credit card debt, predatory loans and much more.  This leads to social problems that go above and beyond the crisis.

I believe, while there isn’t a “silver bullet” to fix the problem, we can work together as a community to create inclusionary zoning, to allow tax rebates for developers who make below market rate spaces available, and to embrace faith based solutions. 

There has been a cry for Homeowner Association Reform.  These unchecked bureaucrats under the direction of developers live in their own space without oversight, and because I care about people, I believe it is time to reign these organizations in and put the control back in the hands of hard working homeowners.

Transportation issues such as adequate roadways are always a day late and a dollar short.  We need infrastructure BEFORE we build new high density housing in new areas.  It only makes sense.  I care about people enough to know that you tired of waiting at stop lights only to rush to another one 250 feet down the road.

Education always struggles in our state because of underpaid teachers and a misguided notion that teaching children to take tests helps them compete in a global workforce.  Our new Logistical Tech Corridor will demand that we do better for our children.  As a former educator and someone who cares for people, I will work to make education and the funding of it a priority.
Last, but not least, I care about people enough to know we are sick of unethical politicians and their ways.  

I will fight to make what the legislature does subject to the Open Records Law.  Currently, it is not.  That is no way to conduct the “People’s Business”.  I will also fight for voting machines that are truly verifiable.  The new ones are not. 

Georgia is good, but it can be much better.  We need people like you to come to the table and make your voice heard.  I am ready to lead the charge by opening the doors for you to participate.  Why?  Because I care about people.  All people, beginning with you.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!