Greater Boston is overwhelmingly working class but you wouldn't know it because working families and low income individuals have been pushed out of the city to make way for luxury real-estate developers in Boston. Meanwhile working people cannot afford rent, we pay thousands of dollars per year just to have 'access' to extreme healthcare deductibles, public transportation is among the worst in the nation and we have to choose between groceries or paying a utility bill. We deserve accountability from our leaders. The people of the MA-8th deserve better. That's why I am considering running for the Democratic Nomination for Congress in the MA-8th Congressional District. Working class people have been shut out of the conversations in Congress for too long. This is wrong. I want to run because everyday Americans deserve to be represented by everyday Americans. 

I was raised by a single mother in a poor neighborhood in Los Angeles after my father died from chronic substance abuse. My mother worked tirelessly to send me to a good school in our neighborhood so that I could have a chance at college. Despite this, I dropped out of HS and got a GED so that I could work full-time. Eventually, I went on to become the first person in my family to go to University and obtain a bachelor's degree. I went on to earn 2 master's degrees in engineering and business administration. All the while working full time and part time jobs just to make ends meet. I've been a dishwasher, a forklift operator, a research assistant, I've stocked shelves as an overnight worker, etc. I have never stopped working. 

The people of Massachusetts deserve Representatives in Congress that are willing to fight for them when it matters most. Our representatives have routinely shown up last to the fight for healthcare, criminal justice reform and economic justice. We cannot keep making excuses for absentee leadership. The community of the MA-8th deserves bold activist grassroots leadership.  I've spent my life working just to survive. I want to bring this energy to Congress. We can deliver; improved transportation infrastructure so that we the people can have access to high paying jobs, increased protections for workers in our gig economy and tuition free public college. All it takes is political courage. 

Running for Congress is expensive. I also have to work full-time while I do this because I'm not a millionaire. I am refusing to accept corporate PAC money so that I am accountable to you. To the people of the MA-8th. Small dollar donations $2, $3 will get this campaign kicked off. $5000 will allow me to file with the Federal Election Commission as a candidate. $5000 will also allow me to start spreading my message and connecting more with the people whom I want to serve. After all, politics should be about service. 

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February 26, 2020

Looking ahead to the midterms... 2022

Hi Team, 

It is becoming increasingly clear that as a full time working class individual I cannot pull a campaign together in just a couple of months to defeat an incumbent like Stephen Lynch. I have decided to set my sights on the midterm elections in 2022 because I believe that we need to keep fighting for progressive change beyond 2020 and that a progressive super-majority in congress will bring about the change I am fighting for. 

That being said, Brianna Wu is running against the incumbent for the 2nd time and she needs your support. I think she is the clear front runner and I want to express my support for her. She is a strong progressive with a background in cyber-security and software engineering. I plan on doing all I can which includes organizing and volunteering for the Wu campaign. I hope that you will too. 


Michael Ruiz

February 20, 2020

Thank you for the pledges

thank you so much for the pledges. As I work on growing my message I really appreciate the support. 

Campaign created!

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