I've been a trucker for 5 years, and part of the workforce for over 11 years. I grew up poor in the Midwest; my college plans fell apart due to a car accident, and after trying my hand at several low-wage, unstable jobs, I started team-driving with my wife. As a truck driver, I’ve gotten to visit all 48 contiguous states; I’ve met regular working people from every corner of America, and our struggles are pretty much the same. 

Every time I needed a safety net, it wasn’t there. When I was younger, I thought it was the result of poor planning, or that I should just work harder, but a decade in the workforce has made the truth clear: our lives are made difficult on purpose. This system has been created and maintained by the people who own basically everything to protect their power. If we’re well-paid, secure in our housing, and educated, we demand a far bigger share. Our bosses will do anything in their power to prevent that.

 Congress is full of lawyers, investment bankers and corporate consultants. It’s a playground for the 1%, who have no empathy for us or understanding of our lives. Regular working people should be represented by individuals who live our lives and those who know what paycheck-to-paycheck feels like. We need nurses, teachers, and truck drivers in positions of power, fighting for our interests; that’s why I am running for US Congress.

Our campaign is 100% people-powered and democratically controlled by the campaign staff. We refuse all corporate money, period.

I'm facing a crowded field for a retiring Congressman's seat. Our opponents are CEOs and establishment politicians. They'll have millions in big donor money, but with your help we are building a movement that's too powerful to silence for any price. Our movement answers only to regular working people and speaks truth to power.

Washington's 10th District isn't an open seat. This seat belongs to the working class.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!