I have lived in California for most of my young life. Virtually all of it has been in Merced County. For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with problem solving. I have been obsessed with getting a point across to an opponent.  I am a liberty loving Libertarian. Democrats claim to be humanitarian yet their philosophy is built around the rise of the Ku Klux Klan, oppressing the minorities enough to make them believe that maybe just this one time the Democrats will deliver on their promises just so they can have a vote, they control the mass media which is a perfect ingredient if you wanted to brainwash the masses (which is already happening), and are starting to convince people all over the country that big government has ALL the answers. Republicans claim to be Conservative yet support economic regulations and endless foreign policy spending, and voted for the Patriot Act. The problem we have in California right now when it comes to politics is that there is nobody in Sacramento who gets mad at it. Nobody acts. Democrats are destroying the state, and Republicans do nothing. Both sides of the aisle keep voting for the same principles that tears this state and country apart. Both sides have the same goal, to have the most control over you. The Democrats don't try to hide their methods of controlling you, and Republicans are a lot better at making a screen front to hide their control but continue to push legislation that continues to infringe on your rights as an American. If i'm elected to the State Assembly I will follow a 6 point System.

1. Eliminate the BS Taxation System of California. 

2. Expand the Privatization of State Programs and the Economy. 

3. Fight for The Repeal of Nonsense Laws.

4. Fight for Loosened Healthcare Restrictions and Rollback Government Involvement in Personal Healthcare. 

5. On Demand Complaint Line Directly to Politicians and Public Servents Phones'. Call and Yell At the Politicians for how Stupid They Are. 

6. It's Your Life to Run Not the States'! 

All i'm telling both sides of the aisles' voters right now is this; Your life will be a lot easier to live if the government is kicked out of it. All the Republicans and Democrats are looking to do is control you in the name of democracy. I, Chris Feltner, the Libertarian, am telling you, that if you give me the honor to represent you in Sacramento, I will ensure that you will have the will to do what you want when you want if it's your best interest, and ensure that your rights as a person are not thrown out the window again. Like I said, it's your life to run, not mine, and not the states'. You do you. Vote for me and i'll be your direct anger and satisfactory translator in Sacramento. How much freedom can you take? 

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!