Corrupt politicians are ruining our great state! 

From the passage of the anti-independent contractor bill AB5, that's left millions of gig workers in the state unemployed, to the unconstitutional measures imposed on individuals and businesses in an attempt to reduce the impact of the corona virus, Gavin Newsom has single handedly caused We The People the most harm. 

While most small businesses were unable to receive financial assistance during the pandemic, multi-million dollar companies including his own winery collected money meant to help those in need. 

Those tax payer backed loans coupled with increased taxes on gas, utilities, and property is devastating the working class who are taking their skills and families to other state with better opportunities. 

Affordable living is possible in California but with bureaucratic processes preventing homes from being built then the whole community suffers in many ways. 

Increased poverty, homelessness, and job loss are just a few of the results that we have seen from him being in office!

As an activist that's dedicated over a decade to challenging authoritative powers of the government I will continue to be a voice for the silent majority that despite our constant protesting remain unheard and ignored. 

We can improve the safety, economy, and relationships in our neighborhoods and as a representative I pledge to always stand with the people, by the people, and for the people!

Donate NOW so that We The People can have the chance to Bring Back Liberty to California for once and for ALL!

All fund will go towards making sure that every voter knows to support Wildstar For Governor!

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!