Hi Everyone, I'm Margaret Villa, a middle-class Mexican-American—the daughter of a World War II Veteran. As a surviving mother & wife of cancer, my family and I understand first-hand the difficulties paying into a health insurance system that’s for profit. A fun fact about me, my great-granduncle (brother to my great-grandfather) was Rodolfo Fierro, “El Fuerte” (The Strong One) who was the right-hand to General Pancho Villa (the leader of the Mexican Revolution, who fought against fascist government of the 1920s). Today our country’s middle class and families are struggling to pay their bills, while the rich get richer.  Im, running  to help build this movement and bring regular, working class people who can speak for you and build a government by and for the people.  If elected I will donate a portion of my salary to communities most in need. My friends know me as Alpha-mom and I am running for you & your family, my community and everyone who can use extra help during this time.  

I support: 

Medi-Care for All

Rank Choice Voting

The Real Green New Deal

State- Federal Government Relief for Families Struggling Due to Covid-19 

Rent & Mortgage Forgiveness

A focus on our Seniors & Veterans 

Free Public Education

Affordable, Organic Non-GMO Foods

I am the candidate running to represent and unite republicans, democrats and independents.

It would be an honor to have your vote November 3rd, 2020!

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    “We must always support progressive candidates if we wish to offer a choice in elections. Elections without choices are not democratic.”

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    “I endorse Margaret Villa not because of her identity but rather her policies and values. I know she supports HealthCare For All, The Green Party's Green New Deal, and Ending All Ongoing U.S. Wars Abroad Currently Wasting our money. Margaret Villa is exactly who we need.”

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    “The major parties did not prepare us for an emergency and they can’t be trusted to lead us out”

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    “I am endorsing Margaret Villa because I believe she will be a breath of fresh air to my community. She is honest and want to fight for the working class!”

Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!