The Essential Workers’ Party represents millions of Americans standing up to a system that tells us we have to risk our lives at work or end up homeless.

If the current global pandemic has made one thing clear, it’s that both the Republican and Democratic Parties have abandoned regular working people. Corporations and mortgage companies are receiving billions of dollars in bailouts, while only some Americans have received a one-time payment that doesn’t even cover a month’s bills. The system doesn’t work for us. It has to change.

Without Essential Workers, our country cannot function. We teach the children, care for the sick, grow food, drive trucks, fight fires, build houses and roads, stock shelves, fix everything that breaks, and keep our workplaces running smoothly. We are the reason that the very rich have their wealth in the first place.

The most vulnerable people in our society depend on Essential Workers. We are the people who make retirement and disability bearable for our neighbors. We deliver groceries to people who can’t shop on their own. We make avoiding deadly diseases like COVID-19 possible for people with weakened immune systems.

We need a new party so that Essential Workers (and those who depend on us) can be represented in our government and workplaces. The Essential Workers’ Party believes that all workers are essential, and that we know best how to take care of our neighbors and our communities; we already do all that work. We recognize that if millions of Essential Workers come together to stand up for ourselves, we have enough power to change everything. We realize that regular working people are ready to lead, and will be better leaders, both at work and on Capitol Hill.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!