I am a Registered Nurse running for Indio City Council, District 1. As a healthcare provider and previously a paralegal, I am positioned as the best candidate to make educated, thoughtful, and transparent decisions that will prioritize the safety and well-being of our residents, especially now during the current COVID-19 crisis.

If elected, I will:

-ensure we invest in effective and sustainable programs to improve the quality of life, while maintaining a balanced city budget;

-strengthen the relationship and mutual trust between our public safety officers and the community;

-work with state and federal leaders to secure more resources for affordable housing, recreation, infrastructure, and responsible community development projects; and

-support economic growth strategies focused around job creation and the success of locally owned businesses.

I am homegrown and a proud Rajah. It would be my honor to work on your behalf, as we move forward towards creating a safe, prosperous future for the City of Festivals. I ask for your vote of confidence to allow me to serve as your next councilmember!

Vote Erin Teran for Indio City Council, District 1

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    “She is an Amazing a dedicated Nurse. She cares about her community. She will take care of Indio citizens needs.”

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    “I support Erin Teran for the Change Indio Needs”

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