I've worked in the airline industry for over ten years; you might have seen me loading customer luggage into small-confined bins in 100+ degree weather, or standing out in blistering, finger-numbing cold conditions waiting to marshal in a plane safely, or working on holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, included, so that my customers and their belongings get to be where they need to be and connect with the people they love. It's what  I love about my job -- while I might have to spend my holidays communicating over FaceTime with my family at work so others can be with theirs face-to-face  -- I enjoy improving and bettering the lives of those around me.

That is why I am running for State Representative in the 43rd District of Texas. As a actual member of the working-class, I understand the hardships that come with living pay-check by pay-check at minimum wage --what bills do I pay first? Will I have enough for gas, food and rent after? What about utilities? Do I get a loan? Can I pay that off too with everything else?;  I want to help improve the lives of those in my district.

I've lived pay-check by pay-check my entire life; I've rounded up coins just to get a .99-cent taco so that I'd have something to eat for the day; I've had my electric and water bill cut off; I've had my stuff repossessed; but I've never complained about it and still managed to give back to my community. I worked with youths half of my adult-life, working as a volunteer, and was awarded the Presidential Volunteer Service Award as well as the George H. W. Bush Award for it. I've established youth programs at zero to low costs so that kids could grow up being a kid and not have to go through the rough upbringing that I had and that some, unfortunately have much worse.

The Texas House of Representatives is full of lawyers, investment bankers and corporate consultants. It’s a playground for the 1%, who have no empathy for us or understanding of our lives. Regular working people should be represented by individuals who live our lives and those who know what paycheck-to-paycheck feels like. We need nurses, teachers, and truck drivers in positions of power, fighting for our interests.

As a State Representative I would work to raise the minimum wage for the State, ensure Teachers are being paid more for the demands that their jobs require, along with benefits, federal funding goes to at-risk youth programs, child-care facilities, as well as public school houses for better facilities (a upper-class school is no different than a lower-income school), zero-reduced lunches for all students (as sadly for some students, lunch in school is the only meal they get); LGBTQ reforms that protect LGBTQ members from discrimination and hate crimes; as well as women's rights and protection in the workplace, and law enforcement reform. I would even go so far as to promote the legalization of medical and recreation marijuana so that crime-rates are reduced, revenue can be taxed to fund for healthcare and education programs, and that those who seek to sell, legally, can provide for their families and MAYBE wean off government benefits, providing more funding to be applied elsewhere.  

But I need your help. The incumbent for my district is a Republican business owner who takes thousands in PAC money to stay in office and will do whatever he can to stay in power; he's gone unchallenged in the Primaries for 8 years and undefeated in the General, and even went so far as to first be elected as a Democrat, to find he was going to lose his second term, and switched to being a safe-bet Republican so he could keep his seat.

We don't need that. We, the working People of the United States, need representation at all levels of government who are for the people and the People's interests, not their own. 

Please consider pledging to my campaign as we work together to reform our democracy.

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