Though I did not grow up in Northwest Arkansas my roots are here. My mother is a Millsap, her mother was a Ferguson, and our extended family includes many other notable Arkansas families - the Harps, Coxes and Stones. Our family has served this community in many ways since its founding, establishing the first commercial turkey farm in Northwest Arkansas and ever present in law enforcement in both Benton and Washington counties. 

I have very fond memories of Northwest Arkansas from my visits here throughout my life. When my parents decided to retire here, more than 20 years ago, I was happy knowing they had friends and family to rely on. Over the years those dwindled and in 2015 I moved here to be closer to them. I have grown to love this community and am consistently impressed by the emerging cultural center Northwest Arkansas is becoming.

Representing a modern Benton County requires someone who brings different experiences and broad perspective to the table. My career in startup science and technology taught me the importance of fostering new ideas and trying new methods to reach common goals; but the most important lesson learned was that the key to success is building trust, and that requires financial responsibility and transparency. Our stage of growth and emerging diversity demands a representative with a love of this community and an understanding of modern methods to foster and manage growth and the integrity to represent competing interests.

As your Justice of the Peace, I am that representative and commit to doing the work to ensure that our county moves forward in an inclusive and fiscally responsible way for years to come. I ask for your vote on November 3rd and look forward to serving you.

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November 9, 2020

One for the books!

All, thanks to everyone who made donations and supported me in this race. We did not prevail but we did learn a lot about what needs to happen to get there! Thank you and until next time!

Campaign created!

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