I am a 19 year resident of the Morongo Basin who arrived here as the son of an Active Duty Naval Officer stationed at MCAGCC.  While I wasn’t born in the High Desert I did grow to adulthood, met my wife, bought a home, and started a family here.  Over the years I have been a founding member of the civic group Transition Joshua Tree, served on the Board of Directors for the High Desert Living Arts Center, a local 501c3 non-profit, and have volunteered with the Mojave Desert Land Trust and Mil-Tree.  Since 2009 I have been working in the event production industry, both in the Basin and beyond, developing the skills of a Logistics Specialist and Project Manager.  In 2019 I created a permitted hiking guide service that operates exclusively in Joshua Tree National Park.

In seeking the role of Council Member for Yucca Valley’s District 4 my guiding principles are:

  • Transparency

  • Improved access to information regarding town governance through contemporary communication platforms

  • Increasing participation of the electorate in the process of governance

  • Non-Partisan representation of the District 4 constituency and the High Desert lifestyle

  • Ensuring that town revenues are dispersed equitably amongst all who contribute tax dollars to the town

The core of my platform is to serve as an active and engaged liaison and representative for the District 4 constituency, which will be voting for the first time as a District in November.

At 39 years of age I would be bringing a more youthful perspective that ensures the representation of the 18 to 54 age group, which is the largest age group in Yucca Valley.

I am registered No Party Preference and believe that what connects us as a community, not just Yucca Valley, but the entire Morongo Basin, is stronger and more important than what would be considered politically divisive.

I believe the preservation of the local ecology is the most crucial aspect of promoting a prosperous, equitable, and joyous community.

I believe that the first level of responsibility for Public Safety falls to knowing your neighbors and treating them with respect and dignity regardless of class, race, gender identity, religion, or political affiliation.  We are all our brother's keeper.

I believe that change is the dominant trend of the Modern Era and that a Town Council which features more diversity of age, background, and though is more prepared to deal with the current and impending onslaught of change.

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    “Though I’m not a Morongo Basin resident, I have a deep love for the place, and would be overjoyed to see some extra heart and passion infused into the City Council.”

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    “He is the real deal. Wants to make things better in his corner of the world. However he can.”

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!