As a native Arkansan, I am committed to putting people over politics by listening to the concerns of every citizen in Ward 1.

Moving to Fayetteville in 2006 after childhood in Joiner, Arkansas, I came here looking for an opportunity, and Fayetteville delivered, but not after many years of hard work and perseverance.  

My focus will be to ensure Fayetteville lives up to its values of a compassionate and vibrant community, honoring accessibility, affordability, stability, diversity, inclusion, safety, and equitable opportunities.

My vision for Ward 1 is informed by progressive working-class values of lifting from the bottom to ensure everyone rises. Equity, compassion, respect, and acceptance of all others regardless of their background, and collaborating with others to solve problems were values instilled in me by my mother, grandparents, and teachers.

Residents want to be able to call their city officials, know they were heard, and trust in a resolution as soon as the phone is hung up.

No matter where you live, Jefferson/Walker or University Heights, Town Branch or Wilson Park, Jennings Plus or South Rolling Hills, residents want to feel protected, know their trash will be picked up on time, trust potholes will be fixed, access sidewalks and trails, and pursue economic opportunities. 

I graduated from the University of Arkansas with a BSE, and I have graduate degrees in Management, Leadership and Human Resource Management from Webster University, as well as a MSW from Arizona State University. 

I am currently a doctoral student at Arizona State University, pursuing a degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

I tirelessly spent nearly a decade advocating for my neighbors while serving as president and political director of the NWA Democratic Black Caucus, chair of the Civil Rights Commission, chair of the Fayetteville Mayor’s African American Advisory Council, and the secretary of the Civil Service Commission

Public health and safety, economic parity, support for marginalized communities, safe & equitable living, and environmental justice are vital and necessary for the growth and development of Ward 1.

I will advance any policy or ordinance that brings services, resources, and funding to Ward 1.

I will ensure that every family has the freedom and opportunity to thrive.

I am committed to creating and implementing solutions that work for every individual and family.

Together, we will partner to create a progressive agenda that aspires to a meaningful quality of life for all residents.

As City Council member, I will bring that same pride, passion, and commitment to representing and advocating for all of Ward 1. Your contributions will be used to historically elect the first African American in Arkansas second-largest city.

Campaign donations will cover staff, University of Arkansas political science interns, campaign materials, and campaign-related expenses.


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