Former CA Legislative Advocate.  I fought for attainable housing and essential services for veterans, seniors, and at-risk persons.  I wrote effective legislation only to see it overturned by special interest groups.  Real change must come from inside the system - I want to be that change.

     Non-partisan.  Most Americans take the mid-ground on today's issues.  While the Fringe Folk get the press, those in the middle feel isolated and ignored.  Government can only represent the people if it listens to their voice.  I will engage those who feel disrespected and disenfranchised by bridging the gap between people and parties in my community.

     Mother of an African American son.  I support on-going evaluation of all first responders.  Their physical and psychological needs are unique.  We have ignored those needs - there are systemic issues that must be addressed now.  This is a top priority in order to protect our first responders, their families and the community from harm.

     Responsible Reform.  It is vital to examine our methodologies of the past in light of our post-pandemic reality.  What worked in the past doesn't work today.  It's a whole new world - we must be forward-thinking in order to shape our success narrative for the future.  Together, we can make change a reality!

     FUNDING:  All contributions will be used to finance the purchase of my campaign website, voter data bases, USPS postage, and graphic design for fliers, signs, and posters.  Oh... I'll also buy coffee for my fabulous volunteers!

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!