When my husband and I bought our first home near Highland Park, we had to ask ourselves, “Is this a good neighborhood where we can raise our son?” The answer is yes and no. 

In the 2nd Ward there are hardworking people, struggling families, inspiring networks of support, and heartbreaking stories of what can happen when those support networks break down and desperation takes hold.  I believe our City needs leaders who work for ALL Eurekans.  We need leaders who will fight for real, lasting solutions to social problems.

Through my work as a nonprofit administrator, I have learned how to do great things with creativity, ingenuity ... and no money.  I have learned that most people want the same thing, we just have to work harder to come together on how to achieve those things.  In my work with youth, I’ve learned that our community is vibrant, productive, and has a strong sense of identity.  As the President of the Kinetic Universe, I have worked to showcase the best parts of Humboldt to the world, and bring millions of tourist dollars to our area.  

Challenging times require a thoughtful and compassionate approach. As a city council member I would work to improve connections between people and their local government.  I would fight for the rights of ALL our citizens to live healthy, productive lives.  I would help create connections, and bring people to common ground, for the good of us all.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!