Jennifer Coles attributes her values, achievements and motivation to her lifelong residency in the City of Markham. From her childhood years to her first employment experience, Markham continues to be the place she calls home.  

Why is Jennifer Coles the best candidate? 

  • Life long resident of Markham (Bel-Aire) 
  • City Clerk For 13 years (Keeper of the Records)
  • Has a MBA / Concentration in IT 
  • 20+ years of Management experience in retail, office administration and information technology 
  • Successful owner of multiple businesses 
  • Community Partner 
  • Honest, Trustworthy 

As Markham’s City Clerk she has introduced awareness initiatives, community events, and innovative technology throughout the City, while maintaining a budget that is cost effective and increases efficacy.  Her advancement throughout her career and education has contributed to numerous successful endeavors for the city. 

Jennifer took an oath as an elected official to serve. Although her elected role limits her actions on the many inefficiencies affecting the city, if granted the opportunity, she will provide effective solutions that will remedy these issues. Her experience in both the Private and Public Sectors has taught her how to provide resolutions to problematic situations. She is certain that her ideas to offer sufficient services and utilize tax dollars conservatively will lead the city on a prosperous path. 

As we all may know, it will require funds to run a successful campaign. Your donations will go towards legal fees, signage, phone banking, mailers and additional marketing efforts  

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!