/r/wallstreetbets has 4.5 million subscribers, with billions of dollars in assets under, uhh, let's call it "management".  There are 13 million robinhood users, TD Ameritrade has 11 million accounts, E*trade has 5 million.  In 2020, the oil and gas industry spent $110 million on lobbying according to opensecrets.org.  If 10% of those users gave $40 a year, we would be bigger than the oil lobby, guys.  In addition, unlike an corporate interest, we represent a millions-strong voting block that can be organized and mobilized.




Together, we are strong.  No more trading freezes or blackouts to protect the big guys.  End the pattern day trader rule.  IPO transparency.  No more locking us out of the most profitable opportunities.  End exclusionary accredited investor requirements - we're adults, let us crowdfund hedge funds to make highly-leveraged derivatives plays with meme stonks underlying.  If racehorse owners can get a cut of the money printing action, so can we.  Let's play by their rules.

How the money will be spent:

I will establish a 501(c)(4) nonprofit to organize for the interests of small retail investors - both organizing voting and providing us with information on our legislators' activities on our issues, and lobbying and making strategic donations to support our interests.  I will discuss the exact legal structure with a very expensive attorney to maximize the ways we're allowed to advocate for ourselves.

if we can get at least $300,000, I should have at least a year's runway to be able to retain lobbying services from lobbyit.com at their highest advertised level "Comprehensive Nationwide Advocacy, Targeted Political Giving, & Fundraising", retain the necessary legal services, get some professional consulting for organizing efforts, and provide myself with a living wage to coordinate the fight.

Around $500,000, I should be able to retain services from a K-street or comparable firm, as well as have a significant slush fund (10k+/mo - enough to make sizable donations to e.g. reps who attach our rider to a bill) to provide campaign and nonprofit contributions as appropriate to advance our interests.

At $8,000,000 - and I believe we can get there, that's only about $15 from every currently online WSB user at time of writing, we would have similar spending to Goldman Sachs (according to opensecrets for 2020)!

Let's get those tendies.

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January 29, 2021


We can do this guys, but we need to actually get the word out there.  Talk about us on WSB if you can.  Share our tweets.  Mostly, talk about us on WSB.

January 28, 2021

Everything starts somewhere

The best thing you can do for this campaign at the moment is talk about it.  Talk about it on WSB in particular, talk about it on /biz/, talk about it anywhere.  Tell people who like it to also talk about it.  We need people to know we exist.  We need attention even more than money right now.  We can do this.

Campaign created!

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