We can do better. 

I know this because despite our problems, St. Louis is brimming with potential and opportunity. St. Louis is rich with world-class institutions, world-class infrastructure, world-class history and culture, and yes, world-class sports teams. And St. Louis has world-class people: innovators, small business owners, and hard working folks from all backgrounds making the place they call home special. 

We have many extraordinary challenges in St. Louis. But we can confront these challenges: by approaching our work with enthusiasm, with optimism, and with grace. We can harness the boundless potential of the incredible people of our great City and turn challenges into opportunities, change entrenched and corrupt systems, and reform the way our City works, or doesn't work. 

Our City stands at a crossroads. Every day, we are haunted by the ghosts of our past, by centuries-old problems, and every day, it seems like we attempt the same tired solutions. Today I am asking you to dream bigger.

I’m running for Mayor because I believe in our potential as a City and as a region. I’m running for you. I’m running to usher in Saint Louis’ next era. I’m running to create Our Saint Louis: united, strong, confident, and equitable.

- Tishaura Jones


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