Fellow Detroiters, my name is Michael Stephen Ri’chard, and I am your candidate for the office of Detroit  City Clerk.  I am asking you for your support in the August primary and November general  election cycles.   If elected as Detroit City Clerk, I intend  to improve and modernize the services provided by the clerk’s office, and provide all Detroit residents with equitable access and opportunity to exercise their right to vote.  With my experience and passion for Detroit, we will return the Clerk’s  office to respectability and restore the faith of the voters in the election process.


A life-long public servant, I believe that transparent communication with Detroit residents is the key to success in the clerk’s office.  Upon entering office, I will immediately focus on restoring accountability, professionalism and excellence in the Detroit City Clerk’s office.  As clerk, I intend to have an open-door policy.  I strongly believe in the importance of providing spaces and opportunities for city residents to express their concerns, and I plan on attending community group meetings to listen to and help address residents’ needs.  Phone calls and emails to the clerk’s office will be responded to in an expedient and courteous manner.  Additionally, I believe in transparency in the clerk’s budget, and I intend to eliminate frivolous spending and allocate those funds to services that better meet the needs of Detroit’s residents.


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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!