Mary D. Harris

She is a true Texan and what America is all about!

Mary D. Harris is the community leader to bet on herself, the powerhouse force to beat the odds stacked against her, and the familiar face you know from around the way.

Her resilient force isn’t by mistake; life built her that way.

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Mary’s childhood of innocence and straight-A focus would be interrupted by a pregnancy, the death of her mother, and the decision to drop-out of high school to help support her growing family — all before her 18th birthday. Early on, Mary learned that resilience wasn’t an option; it was her only choice for a better life.

The next two decades would bring her a college degree, a healthy family raised in Collin County, and a move to Wylie.

Today Mary extends her talents in conflict resolution, communication, relationship management, and consulting to cities and local governments in the North Texas area as an insurance account executive and marketing expert. She is tasked with helping her clients find efficient, creative, and lasting solutions for their most challenging problems. Her operating core values center around her dedication to consistency and building successful, authentic partnerships and connections.  

In addition to being a full-time professional, Mary serves her community with the same passion and commitment. She is a mediator, volunteers in the public sector, a former CASA (Court Appointed Advocate for Abused Children), and serves as a leader on the City of Wylie Ethics Board

As both an individual and a politician, her mission is to be a living testament to chase what is possible, not dwell on what is stacked against you. “I’ve always been a bridge connector for those who want more for themselves and their community,” Harris explained. Her proximity to local government and purpose-driven commitment to her community inspired her to run for Wylie City Council. 

Harris has a passion for helping people and solving problems and is mostly devoted to issues and policy changes related to community, small business, equity, and inclusion. Her goal is to partner with the Wylie community to further cultivate and enrich a neighbor-focused and inclusive city. Harris will bring a diversity of thought and leadership to the board. Her local government background gives her a unique perspective and unmatched empathy for all neighbors living in Wylie.

We often hear about the American Dream and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, but it isn’t often that we meet someone who truly has.

One of those people is Mary and she would appreciate your support and vote for Wylie City Council.

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