I advocate smart development for an economic, environmental and socially sustainable future.  Walpole's Planning Board has a key role to play in driving planning and zoning initiatives that are good for the residents and the town.  I will work for a Planning Board that is proactive in creating positive change. At this time the Planning Board is needed to lead the effort to create affordable housing in our town.

Campaign funds will be used to finance a modest publicity campaign -- advertisements and lawn signs.

I am a 26-year resident of Walpole. We live in a unique home in
Plimptonville – an antique farm property that we converted and
modernized. Our son attended Walpole Public Schools.

I was a member of the Permanent Building Committee from 2009 – 2017,
overseeing new public library, police, fire and senior center
facilities. In 2012 I served on a committee for a Municipal Facilities
Master Planning Study which identified the need for a new middle school. I served two terms (2011 – 2017) on the Walpole Public Library Board of Trustees, during the times the new building was occupied and services expanded. Since 2017 I have been a member of the
Walpole Public Library Endowment Board of Trustees. I have been active
with the town’s Recycling Committee and Keep Walpole Beautiful. I
volunteer for the Neponset Valley Watershed Association.

As a professional architect I am well acquainted with municipal regulatory
processes, and have represented clients at special permit and site plan
review hearings many times. Also I have been bound by strict ethical
standards that demand loyalty to the public interest.

The Walpole Planning Board needs:

– Recent events show a resistance on the part of the Planning Board to
engage with other agencies to move Walpole forward. I support working
with related organizations towards goals of revitalization and
- Walpole Housing Partnership
-Zoning Board of Appeals
- Destination Downtown
- Economic Development Commission

– Timely information about the Planning Board’s business has not been
available on the town’s web page. Public engagement is crucial. All
public information about the Planning Board’s business must be readily

– The town is best served when the Planning Board’s business is
conducted with an efficiency based on comity and respect, and a
commitment to forward progress. Obstructionism has no place on the
Planning Board, but has recently been on display.

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Campaign created!

Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!