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Who is Sala Udin?

Born and raised in Pittsburgh’s Hill District. Traveled to Mississippi Delta as a Freedom Rider 1965-1968

Outspoken Pittsburgh leader and community organizer 1968 to present

Elected to Pittsburgh City Council 1995. Elected three terms until 2006

Founded Hill District Education Council 2002

Founded August Wilson Cultural Center 2009

Elected to Pittsburgh School Board 2017, running for re-election 2021-2024 term. 

Endorsed by Black Women for Better Education; State Representative Jake Wheatley; City Councilman Daniel Lavelle

Why am I running for School Board?

PA Dept. of Education data shows a widening achievement gap between black and white PPS students, especially in reading and math. Only 20-30% of black students are proficient in reading and math. The PPS Superintendent, Administration and Board seem complacent about the District’s failure to educate black children. Education is the only ticket out of poverty and crime for young black boys and girls.

I believe in the resiliency of black youth and I believe they have the same God-given abilities to learn at high levels as other youth in Pittsburgh Public Schools. They are not at fault for educational failures in Pittsburgh. It is the adults who have failed them! I decided to get on the School Board to raise my voice for quality education and to hold the Board, the Superintendent and the whole Pittsburgh Public School system accountable for providing a quality educational experience for our children.

Since I have been on the Board, I have continuously insisted that the curriculum be updated, that our children are provided with the most up-to-date methods used in private and other schools that produce high performing students in teaching our children how to read early in their educational careers, starting in pre-kindergarten. They should be proficient (on grade level) by the end of the 3rd grade, otherwise, they may never catch up.

Time for a change.

Most parents and community leaders are not satisfied with the performance of Pittsburgh Public Schools’ performance in academics or in the management of our school system. It is time for a change! Black Women for Better Education knows that one voice cannot alone change the culture of Complacency that constitutes the culture of the PPS bureaucracy. That is why they are running a whole slate of CHANGE candidates. I am proud that they have endorsed me as the only incumbent School Board member they have endorsed. It is my hope that enough new blood can be elected in order to bring about the CHANGE necessary. Our children need CHANGE. Our children deserve CHANGE.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!