Hello Brooklyn, my name is Renee Collymore. I am the daughter of an immigrant father from Barbados and a mother from the Deep South. My family has been in Brooklyn since the 1940’s. Our home did not come from privilege, and like many families, we struggled to attain the American Dream. I am a proud product of the Public School System, plus I have been in Public Service and Small Business my entire life. I have been fighting to improve the lives of my neighbors for well over 20 years, and I am proud to call myself an Activist. I am proud to call myself a Progressive Democrat. I am proud to call myself a Brooklynite, and it is my highest honor to serve District 35.

For years, I’ve worked to connect with the communities that I have the privilege to serve on a deep level. I was elected as District Leader in 2012. I am humbled to have worked alongside my fellow citizens to confront the various social issues that have plagued our communities for far too long.

Issues like the (unaffordable) Affordable Housing Crisis, and fight to relieve our city’s growing Homeless Population, the struggle to Demilitarize, and establish Real Police Accountability, and a Reallocation of Resources to the much-needed Social Programming that the people of Brooklyn are desperately craving, recognizing and respecting our beloved Senior Population, all while dealing with the devastating effects of the Covid-19 global pandemic and forging a path forward to get our city and borough back on the road to recovery – I’ve been fortunate to be on the front lines working to bring monumental change to New York’s greatest borough, and with your help, I will continue Building a Better Brooklyn.

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