Freiburger looks to empower the community and pave the way for an equitable community. By focusing on three community forward platforms for the City Council to accomplish, Freiburger is no stranger to finding ways to amplify community voices and bridge community resources.

Growing up in Dubuque, Freiburger was involved in many community focused programs and continued to move all community residents forward to a better tomorrow. As a native Dubuque resident, even graduating twice from Clarke University, her formation of being active in Dubuque started young with her parents. From in Junior High explaining to administration the anti-bullying policies were not in kid friendly terms, to debate and mock trial in high school, Freiburger has always had a passion to drive forward policies and conversations.

Fast forward a couple years and there is the same drive in collaboration to move our vibrant community forward in building a robust economy, live able neighborhoods, focus on resiliency and tapping in to the diverse arts and culture sector. She has collaborated, connected and empowered with a variety of community private, not-for-profit and public sector groups. Now, more than ever, Dubuque needs leadership to think creatively, be transparent, look to retain young professionals and work with partners to find resolutions to challenges facing residents.

One major collaborative initiative Freiburger was strategically involved in included effort involving entrepreneurs filling vacant storefronts with pop-up shops and hosting community events in tandem. The shops were filled with diverse entrepreneurs of the black, veteran, Marshallese and arts sectors. A testament to what potential there is in Dubuque’s future, which she will live to see the benefit of. This project took over thirteen public and private partners, an ample amount of small businesses outside those filling storefronts, and many departments within the City of Dubuque. Freiburger feels it is crucial to have an understanding of how to help those within the city by knowing how the city departments work together.

In late 2018, Freiburger was part of a group effort to start the Dubuque County Food Policy Council. Taking the lead in 2019 as the Chairwoman of this council, Freiburger continues to find ways to reach community members and amplify community voices around the table. By leveraging community partners, the local food system continues to find ways to innovate and use data to drive policy conversations.

Freiburger now works in the energy and small business world, two key sectors which continue to impact community development and resiliency. By building upon her daily work, Freiburger looks to build a resilient community by focusing on empowering community around:

  • a)Building an Equitable and Just Food System
  • b)Increasing Representation of All Communities on Boards & Commissions
  • c)Building a Transparent and Effective/ Collaborative City

Those who want to move Forward with Freiburger, can reach the campaign by connecting via Facebook (@forwardwithfreiburger) emailing or by calling 563-599-5633. Translation services will be available upon request and closed captioning will be provided at all hybrid and virtual meetings.

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