My name is Ian Demory, and I am running for Wichita City Council, District 3 as an independent candidate.

I grew up as the son of an educator (Carolyn Hill-Demory) and a military veteran (Col. Milton E. Demory, ret., deceased,) and some of the lessons that I was taught in my younger years I still hold true to this day: dignity, compassion, empathy, and cooperation.

As an educator during the pandemic, I experienced firsthand the importance of preparation, communication, coordination, adaptation, and critical thinking. It is with those techniques, as well as what I was taught by my parents, that I feel has prepared me for a position with the City Council.

My goal is simple: I am running as a citizen for the citizens, separate from any major party ideologies, all while staying away from big money special interest groups.  And because of the fact that I am considered an outsider, I am running this campaign on a completely grassroots level, which means the aid that I would receive from supporters is crucial in helping get my platform message out, as well as crucial in ensuring that my campaign is a successful one.

This is where you come in - with your help, I hope to prove that the little guy is just as viable in the political arena, all while working toward my goal to ensure that the citizens of my district, as well as my city, have a voice that isn't hampered by those with certain ideologies, and we can prove just how important the voice of the people truly is.

“We the people, FOR the people, working toward a goal of engineering an ethical world!”

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!