Hey everyone, I'm Charlie Varney. I was born in Bassett Hospital, grew up in Middlefield just south of Ommegang Brewery,  and graduated in 2001 from Milford School. I left New York for what I thought would be greener pastures and met my wife, Deanna. From there I went to MVCC, graduating with a degree in Respiratory Therapy, a career that I held for a little over a decade. After spending that time taking care of people for a living, I left to start a barbershop that has moved from Cherry Valley, to Milford, and finally settled on Main Street in Cooperstown. Outside of a few short years away from where I grew up, I've had my roots sunk deep here in Otsego County. Deanna and I have raised our daughter Kyra here as well.     

     For most of my life I did my best to stay away from local politics, just assuming that the potholes, underfunded services, and apathy were just part of the furniture. I was wrong. The people need a voice in local government that will stand up for the needs of the working class, not cave to the wants of the wealthy. After a year of coronavirus, uprisings across the nation, and a lackluster response to a nation in turmoil, I figured it was time to get more involved.

     Running a barbershop in Cooperstown has given a lot of people in my community a place to vent about what is bothering them about government, from the federal level down to their local village clerk. I want to bring that understanding of peoples' concerns to county government. From a broken EMS system to a county budget addicted to sales tax, I want to help build an Otsego County where the working class can thrive.

     Please consider donating to my campaign for Otsego County Board Representative.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!