Please read this News Story to get some background on my situation

I am running a write-in campaign for our City Council to keep my appointed seat and continue doing the important work of bringing our community closer.

I greatly appreciate the support from our amazing citizens! It's our town, and it's our future. Here is some background on my position serving you so far.

I was appointed after applying and interviewing on a public zoom meeting in November 2020 when Norm Noyes gave up his seat for personal reasons. I was consistently told by the city recorder, even when talk of the upcoming election was brought up , that I would not need to think about running until I finished out the final 2 years of Norm's term.

I was under that impression until Thursday June 10, 3 days after the deadline for filing your candidacy. That was the day I was asked to call the city recorder and she told me that she'd made a big mistake and that I am now unable to be on the ballot unless I am a write-in candidate. A really unfortunate situation overall, as it doesn't seem to me most people even think about write-in candidates enough for them to even have a chance at a seat. Unfortunately, It will be like I am not even on the ballot.

I have been in Sunset for a little over 6 and a half years now. I think the world of this place and love the people here.

I was put in charge of Winterfest, am currently in charge of community communication (I help to make fliers, videos, etc. To connect the community). And I am over our Youth Council , although I am currently trying hard to rebuild it and am having a hard time finding interested kids.

Here are a few things I've accomplished :

I've been involved in getting a victim's advocate program via a government grant started with our police chief in partnership with Syracuse and Clinton. (Still in the works but is happening for sure ) I created the sunset city scavenger hunt for our winterfest right when I started to give citizens who had been stuck inside for too long a chance to participate in a city event virtually and explore the city. I played a major part in ensuring that the Easter egg hunt was put on this year. And it was my idea to have the Easter bunny come to the hunt (I was the easter bunny).

I have joined the PTA and joined in opportunities to give my time such as reading to families and children virtually. I have also been working with the North Davis Communities that Care coalition and a fellow council member to bring a community sponsored mental health awareness craft event to the city.I have been in Sunset for a little over 6 and a half years now. I think the world of this city within the next few months.

It is most important to me to find ways to bring us together as a community and be smart and resourceful about it at the same time. I believe we could benefit greatly from having more two-way communication and have been working on implementing feedback surveys for citizens. This is just what I've been able to do so far. I can not wait to get the chance to continue representing Sunset citizens and creating an even stronger community.

I designed these shirts because I want to be able to give something to you when you donate to my campaign. I can't thank you enough for your support! Thank you!

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July 11, 2021

Just gratitude

Sometimes life throws something difficult and painful at you, and it always comes out of nowhere.

When it happens, you have a really important decision to make. Will you let it take you down? Give up? Cut your losses? Become bitter?

Or will it be one of the greatest things that could have ever happened to you? Will it completely reshape you and teach you more than you could have ever learned if nothing went wrong?

I'm realizing that I've taken to the latter each time in my life that something difficult has happened.

When I initially found out about the mistake that was made with my council seat, that I would not be able to be on the ballot, I felt bad for the person who made the mistake, and I was ready to say "I guess that's just how it is." But I realized that I will always take a lesson well learned over simple defeat.

Oh my, am I happy with my choice so far! The amount of amazing people I've connected with. The amount of people who have sent me messages of support, who have helped me with every aspect of campaigning, who have shared my story, who just simply...CARE.

All of you have only reinforced my will to take difficult things and make them one of the best learning experiences I can. Because that is really where the good stuff happens in life. That is where the best connections are made. The best lessons are learned. The most humbling experiences are had.

So thank you. Thank you for everything.

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