Hello! I’m Lisa Bender. I am running for Somers Point, NJ City Council in Ward One. I’ve volunteered within city government for many years, serving as chairperson for both Green Advisory Committee and Environmental Commission. 

Holding these positions within government and being a homeowner trying to navigate government channels from the outside, have made it clear to me that the City can benefit from leadership that prioritizes communication, transparency, efficiency, and inclusivity. 

I am the leader that can bring these values to the table. I am a specialist in communication, more than capable with technology, and know that streamlining government can be achieved simply through the combination of communication and technology. Inclusivity will follow because as people more easily find information, they will be able to learn how they can use their strengths to support the city and participate more fully in all we have to offer.

I believe strongly that City Council should want feedback from the community because it is you that we serve. I hope that you will support me throughout the campaign and of course vote for me in November, in turn, I will work tirelessly to represent ALL citizens of Ward One and will ensure that I have open channels of communication to hear your suggestions.

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Show your support for this campaign by endorsing it and sharing why!