I'm a 12-year Navy Veteran, single parent, and security expert interested in smart national security and gun legislation. On Sunday morning, Fifty people were shot and killed at an LGBT nightclub in Orlando, during pride month. We cannot rely on inaction - we need to remove legislators who are not educated on guns and vote blindly on gun legislation and we need to support organizations that do an excellent job on advocating for gun reform in America.

This slate supports the democratic opponents running against the republican senators who voted against denying the transfer of firearms to to known or suspected dangerous terrorists. They all have vulnerable races and your dollars would have the most impact. You will also support Democrat Scott Peters (CA-52) who has been outspoken about the issue of gun violence and is facing a tough reelection campaign in one of the most vulnerable congressional districts in the nation and Florida Senate hopeful Patrick Murphy.

Additionally you will be funding Equality Florida - they have set up a fund to support the victims of the Pulse shooting and finally you will be donating to an excellent organization focused on bringing gun reform to America - Americans for Responsible Solutions

Lets fight this violence with love. It's time to take action. Our lives depend on it and doing nothing while hoping for the best is the worst possible strategy.

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July 8, 2016

It's still happening

Only a few weeks - and it happened again. How is this possible? We need change, not just complaining on social media - please tell your networks to give - our best way to fight this violence is to get candidates like these elected and support groups to keep up the advocacy.

June 14, 2016

Campaign created!

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