Donald Trump has failed to release his tax returns, but we won't fail to be there for the veterans. If you've made a pledge, check your inbox for a message from Crowdpac with instructions on how to convert your pledge, email, or donate directly from this page. If you're just tuning into this campaign and want to support our veterans, please make a donation.

Why I created this campaign:

Any servicemember who has ever held a security clearance has been subjected to a rigorous background check, including personal finances, affiliations, and drug activity, all for good reason. The nation entrusts its defense to this small group of talented and determined patriots, in return for this responsibility the nation asks for honesty and integrity. I believe that to be the Commander-in-Chief of this group, you should be held to the same standards.

I am calling on Donald J. Trump to release his tax returns. Every President since Nixon has released their tax returns as an important mechanism of transparency, showing Americans what organizations they support and are affiliated with. In seeking to do my civic duty as an informed and independent voter, I am starting a campaign to challenge Trump to release his tax returns.

This fundraising campaign will raise money for ten veterans groups. If Trump releases his tax returns all of this money will be donated to these organizations. Trump claims to love veterans, and so we’re asking him to put his money where his mouth is. These ten groups all support causes that I personally believe in and that best identify with the current generation of millennial veterans.

To be clear, raising and donating this money to veterans groups will not cost a penny to Donald Trump, just the release of his tax returns. So what do you say Mr. Trump, can you walk away from this deal?

Who your money will go to

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    “Despite the unsettling times our country will now face I want to be sure that our veterans are taken care with the highest of support.”

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    “I support Veterans and all our military personnel - with my mouth and my money. Do you, mr. trump?”

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    “I want to thank Peter James Kiernan for doing this wonderful, inspiring thing. Too bad we ended up where we are, but you were able to do a great thing for vets even if our president elect didn't and I doubt he ever will.”

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    “The American people have established candidate vetting standards from which no President should be exempt.”

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    “This campaign has been brilliant and I encourage all donors to convert their pledges to a donation for these terrific organizations!”

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    “This was a great pressure tactic a brilliant idea to both shed light and raise money. But Mr. Trump did not care enough to expose his shame. Please get out and volunteer and take people to polls, etc. We have to ensure he DOES NOT become commander in chief. Thanks”

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    “Just want to make sure my entire Pledge is converted to a donation to the Veteran”

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    “I endorse this worthy campaign and have converted my pledge this evening.”

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    “I had no illusions that Donald would ever release his taxes. That's for little people. Donald thought if he ignored it long enough, it would go away, and it did. Just like his dreams of living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Now we can hope he never gets there, even as a member of a tour. I converted my pledge to a donation. They need all the help we can give them.”

November 11, 2016

​Happy Veterans Day

Dear Friends,

I have always looked up to veterans past, admiring the courage of the men and women who nobly served and sacrificed their comforts, passions and lives for future generations. It is humbling to remind ourselves that everything we have today we owe to the selfless sacrifices of those who’ve gone before us. I think this is what Veterans Day is about, remembering those who served a purpose higher than themselves, acknowledging their sacrifice and the humility that those thoughts instill.

In most veterans exists a modest, almost remorseful thought, that we haven’t done enough. We could have deployed more, fought more, forgone more, indeed we know many who have sacrificed greater than ourselves. It is this sentiment that drives us to continue giving back, supporting each other, our communities and country. We are in constant reverence of past generations and greater sacrifices, which compel us to do more.

I thought it appropriate to share these sentiments with you today, to understand my motivation for supporting these veteran causes. Together we have raised over $191,000 with 3,900 individual donations. Today is the final day of our campaign and as it concludes I want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone for being a part of it.

If you haven’t donated, you can still convert your pledge by emailing or visiting our page. The deadline is tonight at 11:59pm. Thank you for supporting veterans and being a part of this campaign.


-Peter James Kiernan

November 10, 2016

​Closing Announcement / Birthday Message

Dear Friends,

I have decided to conclude our fundraiser on Veterans Day tomorrow at 11:59pm. I think this is a fitting end to our campaign as all of the donations will be going to support veteran service organizations.

Many people think veterans are uniquely positioned to mend the divides we see in our country. But we can't do it alone, we help. We need to support and develop veterans, to create new leaders with integrity.If you have not converted your pledge, please do so to support these 10 veteran organizations that support veterans and Gold Star families, through education, disability services, and community building. You can do so by following emailing or going to our page.

Additionally, today is the 241st Birthday of our beloved Marine Corps. I wanted to extend a heartfelt happy birthday to my fellow Marines. The Marine Corps motto comes from a Latin expression: Saepe Expertus, Semper Fidelis, Fratres Aeterni. It means: often tested, always faithful, brothers forever. Marines are an interesting breed; we treat the USMC Birthday as if it was our own and celebrate it with hundreds of thousands of brothers and sisters around the world. A special thank you to all the Marines who will be celebrating overseas, like my little brother, as they continue their work training with partner forces and remaining prepared to defend the United States. Here's to proudly celebrating 241 years of heritage and standing up to meet the new challenges of tomorrow.

-Peter James Kiernan

November 9, 2016

Election Results

Dear Friends,

I know the election results are difficult for many to bear. While we are served best to remember our humility during victory we must also be gracious during defeat.

This election season was an inflection point of our political discourse. There are millions of Americans who are unsatisfied with the direction of our country, with the establishment and the erosion of jobs from the middle class. We can no longer continue to write off their views as bigoted or uneducated, instead, we need to address these issues and have the conversations. This calls for greater engagement in the political process, not withdrawal or retrenchment in the face of defeat. This happens from the ground up, at the individual level, in people willing to talk to each other and find common ground in spite of differences. We have to be the change we want to see in our government.

The government of the United States is by design slow to change. Even with party government, it will be difficult for Mr. Trump and his party to keep the absurd campaign promises made to voters. There is a lot of ground to be gained in midterm elections, at the federal, state and local levels. The election of 2020 will determine the redistricting of States following the census. We need to keep our heads up and remained focused on the long game. We do that by getting involved, voting in local elections and keeping our demands for leaders with integrity. Our resiliency is not skin-deep; we must continue to carry the torch of progress.

I love this country dearly, that is why I fought for it and buried heroes like my friends who died for it. But the United States is about more than just a single person or political party. It is about a Constitution that has ensured yet another peaceful transition of power from one party to another. It is about the ideals our country was founded on, the enumerated freedoms we respect and live out each day. I have undying faith in this country and will continue to fight for our ideals.

With warm regards,

-Peter James Kiernan

November 7, 2016

Last update before the election!


This will be my last update before the election results. Polls are narrowing and it is time to put in the work to make sure we have the best future possible. Please don’t forget to vote and make sure all your friends and family are doing the same. If you can do anything to help people get to the polls, please do.

Our campaign is almost over! If you haven’t converted your pledge, please join me in donating to these veteran charities. You can do this by going to our page or emailing If you have donated, thank you for standing up to support veterans regardless of the politics.

One final ask: Please join me in tweeting at Reid Hoffman, asking him to keep his matching pledge to our donations. Thank you all for being part of this campaign demanding equal integrity and transparency from our candidates, and thank you for supporting veterans over the last two months.

-Peter James Kiernan

November 4, 2016

Four days left

We have just four days left until we find out who America has elected to lead them. The time is running out, but four days is plenty of time to make a difference. You can do this by converting your pledge into a donation to support Gold Star families, like the fourteen children of my friends who were killed in Afghanistan.

If you are nervous about what that decision will look like on Tuesday, you can put those nerves at ease by doing the hard work of democracy. You can volunteer at polling stations, you can help get people to the polls, you can knock on doors and convince people to cast their ballots. I promise you won’t be alone, millions of concerned Americans will be doing the same, and I’ll be there with them in Philadelphia on Monday and Tuesday helping to get out the vote.

We have just four days left, but don't lets them go to waste. Let’s make sure we’ve done everything we can to secure a better future.

-Peter James Kiernan

November 2, 2016

Let's make some Ripples


I think we’re all ready for the madness of the election season to be over. I’m sure almost everyone in the country has made up their mind which candidate they will be supporting on Election Day. At this point, we just need to make sure as many people can get to the polls and make their voices heard.

Trump’s tax returns remain a critical issue of the election, one I am proud to have stood up for. While Trump’s philanthropy remains questionable at best, we can still do something positive during these troubled times. If you haven’t already, please consider converting your pledge into a donation by going to our page or emailing to support our fundraiser for veterans.

Bobby Kennedy once said, each positive action “sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” So during this era of dark and stormy hostility, please help me make some ripples, please convert your donation and support veterans.

-Peter James Kiernan

October 31, 2016

8 days left

We have 8 days until this election and fundraiser are over. Its easy to be frustrated by the rhetoric, polarization, media, and like many of you I’m ready for it to be over. But amongst all of this doom and gloom of the election, our campaign is offering a little ray of hope for veterans and Gold Star families. That is the prospect of the direct benefit of receiving millions of dollars from our campaign.

I've asked everyone who originally pledged their money to convert their pledge to a donation to support veterans. Since then, over 30 percent of our pledgers have donated their money! My goal is to get all $6.2 million to be donated in spite of Trump's failings. During our campaign you made a pledge to veterans, today, I am respectfully asking that you consider donating it. You can do this by checking your inbox for the message from Crowdpac with instructions on how to convert your pledge, email, or donate directly from our page.

Veterans are exploited every election cycle to garner support for one side or another. Although billions of dollars are spent every election cycle, none of that money goes to support the causes we care about. This campaign has the power to support veterans directly, you have this power. Please join me in supporting veterans by donating and collectively sending millions of dollars to their organizations.

Thank you for your support and consideration.

-Peter James Kiernan

October 28, 2016

It is what you make it

One of my favorite expressions heard in the military on a regular basis is, “it is what you make it.” I always liked thinking we have the agency to shape our own experiences, that the results are always dependent on the inputs. Like most good bits of wisdom, this truth is applicable to almost anything: military, school, work, life. Perhaps most appropriately it is applicable to this campaign.

This campaign was successful because thousands of people around the country stepped up to make their voices heard. We created an incentive for Mr. Trump to release his tax returns, to do the right thing. He failed. But in spite of his lack of integrity and character, we still have the power to make this a successful fundraiser. Veterans have sacrificed enough, they should not have to pay for Trump’s failings too.

You have the power to convert your pledge to a donation. You can show everyone something Trump could not, an unwavering support for veterans. You alone have the power to make this a successful fundraiser for veterans organizations. Please join me in supporting millions of veterans and Gold Star families. You can do this by checking your inbox for a message from Crowdpac with instructions on how to convert your pledge, email, or donate directly from this page.

-Peter James Kiernan

October 26, 2016

Don't let Trump stop you from supporting veterans

Dear Friends,

Seeing the recent news of veterans being stripped of their enlistment bonuses over a decade after serving their country, just highlights how much support the veteran community truly needs outside the government. This fundraiser can still be a powerful way to support veterans and their families during their times of need.

Our campaign was successful in raising over $6.25 million because of the publicity of our challenge to Donald Trump. We should not let Trump’s failure to support veterans dissuade our own support. Veterans and gold star families still desperately need this support, and the money will go to great causes as I have previously explained.

If everyone donates their original pledge amount, together we can give $6 million dollars to veterans organizations. Please join me in donating.

-Peter James Kiernan

October 24, 2016

Please Stand By Our Veterans: Turn your Pledge into a Donation

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Donald Trump has failed to release his tax returns, but we won't fail to be there for the veterans.

If you've made a pledge, check your inbox for a message from Crowdpac with instructions on how to convert your pledge, email, or donate directly from this page.

I wanted this campaign to be more successful than pointing out Trump’s manipulative support for veterans as hypocrisy. I genuinely wanted Mr. Trump to be presidential and live up to his own promises of releasing his returns out of concerns for our national security. To accomplish this we did everything within our power, using national media and publicity, raising millions of dollars, publishing an open letter, and directly contacting Trump’s veterans’ policy director. While we failed to achieve this goal, I believe we can still be successful in meeting another…

Every election cycle billions of dollars are spent on political communications, but none of that money goes to the causes we care about. While veterans are often used as “props” to garner support for one side or the other, that money spent only benefits corporations. This campaign flipped that model on its head and instead used the political process to directly benefit veterans, by raising millions of dollars for veterans’ organizations that would not have been raised otherwise. We have an opportunity now to live up to our commitment to veterans, unlike the Republican nominee.

Together, our effort has raised over $6.25 million to be allocated to ten specific veterans groups. This incredible amount of money can go a long way in supporting these national veterans organizations, helping millions of veterans and Gold Star families. Mr. Trump has shown he is above supporting veterans when it matters. I believe that people like us, do not just make conditional pledges of support for the causes we care about, we are compassionate enough to see our commitments through.

I am asking you to please convert your pledge into a donation, regardless of Trump’s failings, so we can donate the $6.25 million we worked so hard to raise over the last 6 weeks.

All you need to do is follow the instructions that Crowdpac will send you today in an email, or just hit donate now on this campaign with the amount you want to commit, or email Crowdpac for assistance at

This is not over and we can keep fighting by supporting our Veterans.

Please join me in donating, and thank you for your support.


Peter James Kiernan

October 19, 2016

Final Debate

Coming into the last few hours of our challenge, it appears as though Mr. Trump will fail to live up to his rhetoric of unwavering support for veterans. Despite our best attempts to engage with Mr. Trump and foster a transparent dialog about his financial interests and our national security, he refuses to release his tax returns. Trump continues to use the excuse of an audit (Richard Nixon released his returns under audit) to shy away from our concerns about the nation’s safety.

I would like to ask everyone to watch the debate tonight. This is our last chance to get Trump to come clean with the American public, an important and last opportunity for true political discourse. Wherever you may be viewing from, whether a downtown bar or the comfort of your living room, please continue the conversation about Trump’s tax returns. The dangers lurking in his returns have a very real possibility of leading our country into future conflicts.

I would like to point out that although we failed to get Trump to release his returns, we did successfully raise the issue in the public discourse. While Trump isn’t going to live up to his word, fortunately this nation has plenty of people left who posses integrity and are willing to support veterans regardless of the conditions.

-Peter James Kiernan

October 18, 2016

A birthday present for me

Hey Friends!

Today is my birthday, and you know what would be a great present? Getting Donald Trump to release his tax returns. How can we make that happen? We can share this open letter, and publicly challenge him to release his tax returns as concerned American citizens.

Why is this so urgent? We have three weeks until Election Day, and we still don’t know anything about Trump’s personal finances. That means that millions of Americans will be in a voting booth making decisions about our future President, without adequate information. Our campaign ends tomorrow before the final debate because the American public should have the right to ask about any questionable material in those tax returns in front of a national audience. The Trump campaign has made an explicit calculation that he is less unpopular without releasing his tax returns, than he would be if he did. That means he is hiding something…

But we can change this calculation, we can make these tax returns the biggest issue of the election and force his hand. There is no qualified excuse not to release them. If Richard Nixon could release his tax returns while under audit, so can Donald Trump. Please help make Trump’s lack of transparency the number one issue facing his campaign. Feel free to retweet your support.

-Peter James Kiernan

October 17, 2016

Two days left

With two days left for Trump to prove he is not a hypocrite, the window is closing. Our campaign and its efforts continue to be recognized in major media publications. While many thought the success of this campaign was a long shot, I fought to remain optimistic hoping that perhaps Mr. Trump just needed an opportunity to show us he actually cared about our concerns. It is heartbreaking to see that Mr. Trump’s concern for veterans extends only as far as it gets him political support.

We will continue to fight to get publicity and attention for this campaign. Thank you again to all of the pledgers for your support throughout this campaign. We accomplished something incredible, raising an unbelievable amount of money for veterans through old fashion grassroots campaigning. Thank you for reinforcing our message and giving strength to our cause, without you, this would not have been possible.

Please continue to share this open letter on Facebook and twitter. Feel free to tweet it directly at Donald Trump, or just retweet me.

-Peter James Kiernan

October 16, 2016

The hypocrisy behind supporting veterans

Donald Trump used the excuse of raising money for veterans to skip the final Republican primary debate before Iowa. At the time, the excuse was that raising money for veterans was more important than discussing the policies that would later define his candidacy. While it’s nice for Mr. Trump to care about veterans when it is politically convenient, providing cover to escape a political debate, this campaign has exposed certain hypocrisy behind Mr. Trump.

Today we have raised more money than his ruse did in January. That incident later became a scandal when the public discovered the money hadn’t been donated. If Mr. Trump truly cared about veterans, he would jump at this opportunity to raise an equal amount of money. And yet despite a widely publicized campaign and an Open Letter to Donald J. Trump, there is little if any indication he might release his tax returns.

Although his lack of acknowledgement is frustrating, our campaign and efforts remain undaunted. We will continue to publicly challenge him to support veterans. Please share this message as widely as possible.

-Peter James Kiernan

October 13, 2016

An Open Letter to Donald J. Trump


Five weeks ago I started this CrowdPac campaign to challenge Donald J. Trump to release his tax returns. Since then we have raised over $6.2 million for veterans organizations as thousands of people from all 50 states pledged their support for the idea. Over that time this campaign has been featured in dozens of articles and media mentions all over the country. Today our campaign has culminated in a final push, with an Open Letter to Donald J. Trump reflecting this campaign’s concerns about his potential conflicts of interest.

The letter explicitly informs Mr. Trump about our campaign in a respectful tone and asks that he release his tax returns to demonstrate his commitment to veterans and his constituents. With just 6 days left until the final debate, we can no longer afford to wait and must confront Mr. Trump with our challenge.

Our campaign has made incredible accomplishments, crowdsourcing our support of an idea to hold our leaders accountable. We have been so impactful that the Clinton campaign took notice and tweeted us yesterday. We need everyone’s help to get this open letter to Mr. Trump and make this a highly visible and public challenge. Please share it on Facebook or simply retweet this letter to Mr. Trump.

Thank you for all of your support during this campaign. We’re almost there!

-Peter James Kiernan

October 11, 2016

Warren Buffet's call out

It didn’t take long for Trump’s tax returns to make it back to the top of the news cycle. Yesterday Warren Buffet called Donald Trump out for invoking his name and incorrect tax information during the debate by revealing his own tax return information. In a direct rebuke to Trump’s false rhetoric, Warren Buffet is calling for the Buffet rule specifically to prevent the wealthy from taking advantage of the system and not paying their fair share of taxes.

Our campaign remains completely focused on the issue of Donald Trump’s failure to release his tax returns. In the coming days, I will be releasing an Open Letter to Donald Trump that will be published, confronting him with the success of this campaign raising money for veterans if he would release his tax returns. I will need your help to spread this message as far as possible, please consider using Twitter and Facebook to share this letter with all of your friends and family. We will also ask everyone to take to Trump’s favorite form of communication and tweet the letter directly to Donald Trump.

As our campaign comes to a close over the next 8 days, we will work as hard as possible to make our challenge strong enough to be clearly heard by Donald Trump. I cannot express my gratitude for your unwavering support over the past weeks. Thank you for being an essential part of this movement.

-Peter James Kiernan

October 10, 2016

2nd Debate

Once again Donald Trump’s lewd comments and obfuscating rhetoric congested substantive content during last night’s debate. Trump again claimed to pay “millions” in taxes but without releasing his tax returns and providing evidence, these are just hollow words. This campaign will continue to challenge Donald Trump to release his tax returns so that the American public, in the words of Ronald Reagan, can “trust but verify.”

Tax returns are about many things, most importantly are the conflicts of interest between Donald Trump’s business and our nation’s national security. If Trump owes millions of dollars to foreign countries, those countries would possess direct leverage over a prospective Commander in Chief. It is easy to imagine how the American public might find itself in yet another conflict, because of the outstanding debt our potential President owes to another country. What is more is that Trump will NOT put his company or assets into a blind trust, meaning that he and his family will still have access to his company and the ability to directly profit from the presidency. As long as Donald Trump and his family remain the beneficiaries of the Trump enterprise, there will continue to be conflicts of interest between his corporation and our country’s national security.

This is easily amongst the most dangerous issues facing the country during this election cycle, and it continues to be ignored because of scandal after scandal and sensationalized comments. Our campaign will continue to fight to address these important concerns.

-Peter James Kiernan

October 9, 2016

Trump’s Comments


The recent revelations of Trump’s comments about how he discusses and treats women are important references about his character both as a person and a potential commander in chief, ones the American public won’t soon forget. But more importantly, these comments along with Trump’s numerous other derogatory remarks about various women expose a subculture within our society that implicitly supports degrading women both in language and action. The issues our society faces of sexual assault and harassment are symptoms of a larger problem; it is a mentality, one that simply cannot be confined to “locker room banter.”

The military has struggled against this subculture of sexual assault and harassment. One I believe it is working hard to rectifying, most recently with the “no exceptions” campaign allowing women to serve in all occupations of the military. This policy has dissolved the last structural barriers barring women from occupations based on gender. To fix this defective subculture within our society, we must change the mentality that allows people to make judgments about others based solely on gender and appearance.

Donald Trump represents the antithesis of the progress we have made toward making women equally respected members of our society. One day I hope to have daughters and I pray they have the opportunity to be judged on the basis of their accomplishments rather than their appearance. Our society has a long way to go to make that a reality, but together we can continue to support women and condone this pervasive mentality that treats women like objects rather than people. This election is no longer about conservative ideals against liberal ideals; it's about the progress of equality, it’s about what our society will tolerate and what we won’t, it’s about our future. Vote for it.

-Peter James Kiernan

October 8, 2016

Need your help to get my question asked at tomorrow's debate

I submitted a question for selection during tomorrow's town hall-style debate between Mr. Trump and Secretary Clinton. CNN and ABC moderators will ask questions submitted online by Americans across the country – but only the top 30 with the most votes on the Open Debate Coalition website will be considered.

I need your help to get this question selected. Here's how:

1.Please go to this link

2.Click the red VOTE! button right next to the first question you see, which should be “Without individual income taxes, how will we fund defense and vets benefits?” (If you are on a mobile device, you should see the VOTE! button just below the question.)

3.Enter your email address, your zip code, and verify that you are not a robot.

4.Ask your friends to vote for this question,too. If we get enough votes, the moderators will ask both Mr. Trump and Secretary Clinton at the debate.

Let’s keep pushing this message out there. Until Mr. Trump releases his tax returns, we can't know how he will run our country. As voters, we should demand transparency and integrity from all candidates seeking to represent us in office. Mr. Trump is no exception.

Thank you!

October 6, 2016

Upvote our debate question!

On Sunday, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will meet again in St. Louis for a Town Hall-style debate. For the first time in history, ABC and CNN moderators may ask questions submitted online by Americans across the country – but they’re only considering the top 30 voted up through the Open Debate Coalition website.

Last night, I submitted a question that speaks to the heart of our campaign. An estimated 47% of federal revenue comes from individual income taxes, while corporations contribute less than 11%. Without individuals paying their fair share, how can we afford to fund the budgets that provide for our common defense and guarantee the benefits we promise to those who protect us?

As I’ve said before, none of this campaign would be successful without all of you: let’s make some noise and get this question into the top 30. Click here to upvote the question, share on Twitter, and ask others to share and upvote as well.

Until Trump releases his taxes, we simply don’t have enough information about how he would run our country. Let’s keep asking for the answers all Americans deserve.

-Peter James Kiernan

October 5, 2016

I’m a cautious optimist

Today the Wall Street Journal wrote a piece suggesting that Donald Trump may be releasing his 2015 tax returns in the middle of this month. 74% of Americans think that Trump should release his tax returns, a sentiment captured well by this campaign in raising over $6.2 million dollars for veterans with over 11,000 small donations. It is not surprising that his campaign is seriously considering it. I have remained cautiously optimistic that Donald J. Trump may yet do the right thing and make this a highly successful campaign for veterans. Again we are holding Trump to the same standards as the other candidates, releasing the most recent 10 years of tax returns before the final debate.

Trump skipped the Republican debate before the Iowa caucus to raise money for veterans. Using the excuse of raising money for veterans allowed him to sidestep a debate, advocating that supporting veterans was more important than debating. He raised $6 million that was donated four months later when David Farenthold challenged him while researching his foundation. Our Crowdpac campaign basically gives Trump the opportunity to "raise" the same amount of money for veterans again, by simply releasing his tax returns. Hopefully, this will allow Trump prove that he supports veterans always, not just when it is politically convenient.

-Peter James Kiernan

October 4, 2016

Post Traumatic Stress

Fellow supporters of veterans,

Yesterday Trump made some statements to veterans about Post-Traumatic Stress. I happen to feel strongly about this issue, so given the timeliness of it I’d like to take a moment to convey a few thoughts.

You’ll notice I left off the “D” with reference to PTS. That is because PTS is not a disorder, Post Traumatic Stress can be experienced by anyone and it is a natural reaction to a traumatic experience. It can be the result of something like a car accident, experiencing or witnessing a violent incident, or a combat deployment. There is nothing about PTS that makes it exclusive to the veteran community. Part of the reason the veteran community is so outraged over these comments is because we have worked very hard to build a narrative that veterans are not damaged or broken.

The single biggest contributor veteran suicide is the stigma associated with seeking out mental health professionals. Our community has worked hard to change this perception around issues mental health and remove the stigma associated with seeking help and therapy. Understanding this issue is essential to our community. Fortunately for us, there are people like you out there who are willing to support veterans. Some of our charities are specifically dedicated to supporting veterans by addressing mental health. Will you consider doubling down and making an additional pledge of$10,$20, or$50to support these organizations that help veterans?

Please consider sharing our campaign on your Twitter or Facebook. Thank you for your continued support.

-Peter James Kiernan

October 3, 2016

What else is he hiding?

Hey Everyone,

We’re making steady progress toward our $8 million dollar goal, we’ve just passed $6.2 million! The recent leak of Trump’s 1995 tax returns has raised more questions than it has answered about Donald’s business acumen. What is most concerning is that the Trump campaign is not willing to release his most recent tax returns to correct the narrative of a businessman who claimed the loss of nearly a billion dollars that wasn't even his own money. This means that the situation is likely much worse than the NY Times article suggests, and Trump’s tax returns are hiding much more.

Before we get into the issues about his tax returns and how the business dealings of the Trump enterprise could compromise our national security, I’d like to finish by mentioning the 10th non-profit this campaign will be supporting. Not least among these organizations is No One Left Behind, founded by Army veteran Matt Zeller dedicated to supporting the men and women who worked for us in Afghanistan. This incredible organization helps to bring interpreters who fought alongside U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan back to the United States, providing the sanctuary that our government promised and failed to deliver. To learn more you can watch my interview with Rachel Maddow or visit This is an incredible non-profit that is literally saving lives, and I am proud to support it with this campaign.

-Peter James Kiernan

October 2, 2016

New Goal: $8 million

In just 23 days we have raised over $6,190,000 for veterans in a challenge to Donald Trump to release his tax returns. Today I am announcing that our campaign is raising the bar with a new goal to reach $8,000,000 before the final debate on Oct 19th. Trump’s tax returns have become a central issue of this election; our campaign is capitalizing on this attention and raising money for a great cause while encouraging Trump to lead by example.

The New York Times published a story yesterday that they had obtained records from Donald Trump’s tax returns in 1995. The alarming results showed that the billionaire claimed a personal loss of nearly a billion dollars in 1995, which through tax loopholes for the wealthy would offset his income tax for a total of 18 years. But whether or not Donald Trump has paid taxes is a separate issue from the concerns this campaign has raised and remains committed to revealing. The American public is entitled to know if and what conflicts of interest Donald Trump and his business have with our nation’s national security. We will be discussing these issues in depth in the coming week.

In the meantime, I’d like to highlight another of our non-profit Veteran Service Organizations that we will be contributing to. The Student Veterans of America is an organization dedicated to working in the industry of higher education to support over a million current student veterans. Student veterans lobbying for the Post 9/11 GI Bill were the original founders of The Student Veterans of America. Today that organization has grown, supporting over 1,500 chapters all around the country. SVA continues to lobby Congress to reform higher education industry and helping veterans become informed consumers of higher education. Every year they are responsible for the largest gathering of Post 9/11 veterans in the country, at the SVA National Conference. I am proud to support the Student Veterans of America with our campaign.

-Peter James Kiernan

October 1, 2016


Dear Friends,

Congratulations! This morning I have the pleasure of announcing that we have reached our goal of raising over $1,000,000 dollars for veterans’ charities and demanding Trump’s tax returns, a full 19 days before our deadline. This couldn’t have been possible without this strong base of support from all of you around the country who are willing to stand up for what you believe in. I would like to thank you, for standing up for integrity and transparency from our presidential candidates and for supporting these critical veterans organizations with impactful missions.

In my unit, our mantra was that “standards are made to be exceeded.” Today I’m happy to inform you that we will continue raising money over the weekend above our $1,000,000 goal, until next week when we raise the bar and announce a new goal. I’m confident that with the next three weeks we can continue to raise more money for veterans and a create an even stronger challenge to Donald Trump to release his tax returns.

Please continue to share this campaign and follow me on twitter @Peter_J_K for more frequent updates. Seeing the national support for this campaign has truly been inspiring. Words cannot express my gratitude.


-Peter James Kiernan

September 30, 2016

The Rachel Maddow Show

Good Morning Friends,

Last night I was extremely grateful to be a guest on The Rachel Maddow Show where she generously did an entire segment on this campaign. I got to share my thoughts on why taxes are an important part of public sacrifice, what they pay for, and why this is such a crucial campaign issue. Since the live interview, we’ve more than doubled the number of contributions and pledged amount in less than 12 hours. That is over $845,000 in small donations from all around the country to support veterans if Trump releases his tax returns.

A friend of mine once told me, “I don’t believe in individual awards, it is all about teamwork,” I approach this campaign with a similar mentality. This just as much your campaign as it is mine, everyone who has pledged a dollar is stepping up and speaking out against Trump’s failure to be transparent. Every one of you is part of a movement to support veterans and the families that need to be cared for. I want to thank you all for taking the time to pledge your hard earned money and be part of this movement. Joe Biden once said, “Leaders are defined by their courage, but they are redeemed by their loyalty.” I want to thank each one of you for being a leader, and encourage you, keep leading.

-Peter James Kiernan

September 29, 2016

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

If you happen to be a Daily Show fan, you might have seen our benefactor Reid Hoffman last night. Trevor Noah had him on to talk about his generous donation, and Reid was kind enough to give our campaign a shout out! We’re expecting some more media attention this week as Trump’s tax returns come more and more into the spotlight. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated.

In the mean-time, I wanted to talk about the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. This Foundation provides full financial assistance to children of fallen special operators pursuing higher education at any accredited institution and also provides care to the severely wounded personnel from the SOF community. The demand on special operations servicemembers consumes their time and puts them at higher risk for severe injury throughout their careers. This elite population answers these demands sacrificing the time with their families to support and defend our country. This is no small sacrifice, and so when one from our community is injured or killed, it is our responsibility to take care of them and their families in the best possible way. This organization shoulders that responsibility, I’m happy to support them with our campaign

-Peter James Kiernan

September 28, 2016


Good morning everyone,

Yesterday our campaign passed $400,000 in small donations, which is an average of $20,000 a day! We are well on our way to meeting Reid Hoffman’s challenge to raise one million dollars before the final debate on October 19th. We have 22 days left to raise another $600,000. With Trump’s tax returns becoming a popular issue for the election, I really think we can do this.

I need help sharing the campaign and spreading the message. I recently had an Op-Ed Published in Task & Purpose, explaining why I challenged Donald Trump to release his tax returns. Feel free to share any of this with your friends and family to hold Trump accountable and raise money for veterans!

Today I want to mention the Travis Manion Foundation, founded in memory of 1st Lt Travis Manion who died leading a counter attack saving his patrol when they were ambushed in Al Anbar, Iraq. You might know this as the foundation that sponsors the annual 9/11 Heroes run. They support gold star families, keep the stories of men and women who’ve sacrificed their lives, and connect veterans with youths in their community to inspire the next generation. This organization empowers veterans to give back to their communities by integrating them with different programs, a powerful and important mission. I’m looking forward to supporting them with our campaign.

-Peter James Kiernan

September 27, 2016

​Last Night’s Debate

Dear Friends,

Last night’s debate was a high water mark for Trump’s tax returns. The issue was front and center coming early in the debate, he faced some heat from both Hillary Clinton and the moderator Lester Holt over his apparent use of them as a negotiable bargain chip. The issue has been elevated in political discourse, and perhaps most importantly Trump did not out right refuse to release them. In fact, he said he has full intentions of releasing them, making the results of our campaign raising money for veterans charities highly promising. I came away from last night’s debates energized and optimistic, please help me get the word out and to continue raising money for these fantastic groups.

Today I’d like to mention the Yellow Ribbon Fund. The Yellow Ribbon fund provides support to fill the gaps of the recovery process for our returning wounded veterans. They also support families and care-givers of injured returning veterans well. This support lessens the financial burden that comes with being disabled and navigating the difficult transition and rehabilitation process after the military. This is a powerful mission that is going to receive our support if Trump releases his tax returns.

-Peter James Kiernan

September 26, 2016

First Debate!

Tonight at 9:00pm millions of people will be tuning in to watch the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I’m sure everyone is as anxious as I am to see if Trump is asked why he hasn’t released his tax returns. Between now and the final debate on October 19th is the time this campaign can elevate this issue. I’ll be tweeting about the event live if you can’t tune in feel free to follow me on twitter: @Peter_J_K

In the meantime, I want to talk about one of our most important charities, Children of Fallen Patriots. There are nearly 20,000 dependents who have been left behind by the men and women killed in the line of duty. I personally know 14 children who have been left behind among my four friends who were killed in Afghanistan. I believe it is our responsibility as a society to help these families bear the burdens of war by supporting their children as best we can. No amount of money can replace a mother or father, but we can ease the financial burden and mentor these children in constructive ways. Children of Fallen Patriots does just that, they provide scholarships and educational counseling to these children. I am proud to name them as a recipient of this campaign.

-Peter James Kiernan

September 22, 2016

Is national security a distraction?

Last week Trump Jr. mentioned a new reason for his father not releasing his tax returns. Doing so “would distract from Trump’s main message.” I’m not sure that paying attention to the issues that could compromise a candidate on national security qualifies as a ‘distraction.’ Our national security is the President’s primary responsibility, why shouldn’t we pay attention to it?

In other news, I want to mention a fantastic organization call Team Rubicon. One of the biggest difficulties veterans face when they separate from the military is the sense of purpose that comes with being relied upon in dire situations. Team Rubicon provides that purpose as a disaster relief organization, organizing and creating teams of veterans and first responders who provide critical services around the world after natural disasters. They do incredible work helping to restore communities with an important and fulfilling mission. I’m looking forward to supporting them with the money we’ve raised.

-Peter James Kiernan

September 21, 2016

Why do tax returns matter?

When servicemembers undergo background investigations for security clearances, it's about more than just virtues of integrity and honesty. From a very practical perspective, it is about conflicts of interest. The government seeks to determine if there are any conflicts of interest that would jeopardize one’s ability to safeguard our nation’s secrets. They answer important questions, do you or your immediate family have any international affiliations? Do you have any risky financial positions or debt? Have you had lapses in judgement due to alcohol or drug use? All of these are things that could be exploited by our adversaries and pose a conflict of interest.

As a billionaire with financial dealing around the world, the American public is entitled to know whether or not Trump has any positions that would pose a conflict of interest, and risk our national security. Tax returns reveal that information. It is one thing for a servicemember who holds top secret information to undergo a background check, it is another thing for the person who commands the nation’s military to reveal his conflicts of interest.

Today I’d like to mention Hire Heroes USA. Hire Heroes is an organization founded in 2012 to address the higher than average veteran unemployment. Their mission is straightforward, help servicemembers transition and find employment after the military. They provide training and resume reviews to help qualify veterans and then help place them into good jobs. Coming from the military it is difficult to adjust to the demands of the civilian workforce, hire heroes fills that critical gap. I believe in their mission and look forward to supporting their organization.

-Peter James Kiernan

September 20, 2016

This isn't about partisanship, its about integrity.

Our campaign is not a partisan campaign. We are concerned citizens interested in learning about the integrity of all candidates who are seeking the highest office in our nation. We think that Trump should be held to the same standards as every other presidential candidate for the last 40 years.

People on both sides of the aisle want to see Trump’s tax returns. A recent article by politico shows as many as 62% of republicans what him to reveal his returns. With all of the recent revelations surrounding the Trump foundation, we (the citizens of this country) have a right to know who is asking to be elected as President of the United States of America.

Today I want to mention Hope For The Warriors, an organization that is dedicated to helping disabled veterans, their families, and gold star families bear the burdens of war. I personally know many people who have been helped by this tremendous organization, they support veterans in many different capacities ranging from transitioning to health and wellness. I believe in their cause so much I am running the NYC marathon and running a separate fundraiser for them. If Trump decides to releases his tax returns, this organization will be sure to put your money to good use.

-Peter James Kiernan

September 19, 2016


Fellow integrity seekers,

Great news, we hit our target goal of $200,000 early Sunday morning! Right now we’re sitting at nearly $209,000 and we’ve had over 2,300 donations. Thank you so much for everyone’s help in getting the word out about the campaign. Please feel free to use our hashtags if you post or tweet about us!

I wanted to take some time to talk about the individual charities we’ve selected to donate to and highlight some of the work they do. Each day I’ll be writing about a different charity to talk about who they are and what they do.

First on the list is the Pat Tillman Foundation, founded in memory of Pat Tillman who walked away from his NFL career to enlist in the Army and serve as a Ranger, sadly he was killed in Afghanistan in 2004. This foundation provides elite scholarships to future leaders who are veterans and military spouses to pursue degrees in higher education. The foundation inspires folks from the veteran community to reach higher by meeting all their financial needs for their degrees. The Pat Tillman Foundation is an exemplary way to honor the memory of a hero who sacrificed everything for his country, by inspiring the leaders of tomorrow.

Thanks for supporting this organization with your pledges! If we can convince Trump to release his tax returns this money will go to a great cause…

-Peter James Kiernan

September 16, 2016

7 days down, 33 to go

Hey Friends,

It's been a long seven days and we’ve made a lot of progress! We’re currently at over $186,000 for veterans organizations, that is 18% towards our goal of 1 million in just the first full week. A few things to remember: these are pledges we’re making, which means no one gets charged a single penny unless Trump releases his tax returns. Our growing balance is the money veterans organizations stand to lose if Trump fails to release his tax returns.

The heat is getting turned up on Trump and his failure to be transparent about his tax returns and charitable giving. If you haven’t seen David Fahrenthold’s story about Trump’s charitable donations, then it's worth a look...

I’m asking everyone who’s contributed to this campaign to please share it with your friends and family. These veterans organizations all serve incredible causes, I’ll be speaking more about them next week. This is both a movement to hold our candidates accountable while raising money to help veterans in a variety of ways. Thank you so much for your incredible support of the veteran community!

-Peter James Kiernan

September 15, 2016

It's working..

Good Morning Everyone!

We are well on our way to reaching our goal of $200,000, we’re at +$163,000 and nearly 2,000 individual donors at the moment. Over 34 news outlets have pushed Trump about his tax returns, showing our movement is having an impact.

Every other candidate in this race, Hillary Clinton, Mike Pence, and Tim Kaine have all released 10 years of their personal tax returns. Tax returns are an important mechanism of transparency showing how a person makes their money, who and where it comes from, what organizations they are affiliated with and who they give money to. This is an important way for our highest office seekers to build trust with the American public.

At this point, given the publicity Trump’s tax returns have received, you really have to wonder why he isn’t willing to release them. Our challenge is for him to release 10 years of tax returns before the final Presidential debate on October 19th. The reason the deadline is so the American public can be given the time to review the tax returns and question Trump about them at the final debate if they so choose.

Thanks for supporting this movement and campaign. Please keep sharing the message, every dollar counts!

-Peter James Kiernan

September 14, 2016

Wednesday Goals

Hey Friends,

We’ve crushed the fundraising game over the last couple days raising unreal amounts of money for veterans. Our viral campaign has been featured in 57 different articles over the last two days. We’re trying to keep up the momentum and hit $200,000 by the end of the day.

Regardless of anyone’s politics most of us would agree that raising money for veterans groups is a great thing. At the same time most us would agree that we expect our leaders to meet the baseline of transparency. Putting those two things together makes this campaign a win-win.

Most of the money coming in are small $10 donations, but with Reid Hoffman’s 5:1 match, every seemingly small donation is multiplied by 5. Every dollar counts and these small dollar donations are sending a pretty powerful message. Please help us keep the movement going!

-Peter James Kiernan

September 13, 2016


Hey Everyone,

I’m truly touched by all the support for this campaign. Together we’ve raised over $100,000 just a day after Reid Hoffman pledged to match our donations by a multiple of 5. That means we’ve raised over $600,000.00 in a grassroots campaign demanding that integrity still matters in our elections.

We’ve had over 1,000 contributions in a single day, showing that this has gone viral and is quickly growing into a movement, to support veterans while holding Trump accountable to release his tax returns. We’ve been tagged in over a dozen articles and news segments, CNN, Fox and Forbes just to name a few.

This campaign shows that when organized, people still have a voice in this election. Please share and endorse our campaign as widely as possible so we can hit our $1,000,000 (+$5,000,000) goal before the final debate.

Below are some of our highlights:

-Peter James Kiernan

September 12, 2016

Reid Hoffman Pledges $5 million if we meet 1 million!

I just up'ed my goal - I cant believe it Reid Hoffman just pledged $5million if we raise $1million. This is crazy, please help me get to this goal - Let's put as much pressure as we can on Trump to release his Tax Returns. $6 million going to Veterans Organizations seems like a good incentive to me!!

-Peter James Kiernan

September 12, 2016

Gold Star Families

Dear Friends,

Every year I raise money for gold star families, like those of the friends I lost in Afghanistan. This campaign is a clever way to take advantage of the political climate and raise money for veteran groups while holding Trump accountable. There are billions of dollars spent every election cycle, this is a way to make sure some of it goes to the causes that truly matter. Please share this campaign and donating to support veterans.

-Peter James Kiernan

September 9, 2016

Rachel Maddow!!!

I am so thankful for the opportunity to have been on Rachel Maddow's show tonight. I got to talk about some substantive issues overlooked by the media. By good friend Matt Zeller founded and runs No One Left Behind, a great organization fighting to bring interpreters back to the United States, and theHeadstrong Project is a great organization started by Zachary Iscol offering free therapy to veterans suffering from PTSD. Thanks for helping give a voice to veterans and reflecting on the effects after 15 years of war.

-Peter James Kiernan

September 9, 2016

A Challenge for Trump

This week, four years ago, I started my freshman year at Columbia University after separating from the military. Over the last three years, I have worked to engage and build on a veteran community both at Columbia and the broader New York City. Last night I was humbled to have the privilege to attend and bring a number of fellow veterans to the Commander-in-Chief forum. As I saw the room fill with friends and familiar faces, I couldn’t help but appreciate the NYC veteran community and everything they have worked so hard to accomplish.

Yet I found myself frustrated with the Commander-in-Chief forum, not because of the event or the organizations running it, but because of imperfect candidates. I was frustrated about hard hitting questions going unasked, and a room full of veterans spanning decades of conflicts who left underwhelmed. I thought back to everything this community has built, and everything this community has bled and fought for, and wondered how this was could happen.

Regardless of political opinions, Hillary Clinton has released 8 years of her personal tax returns. Donald Trump, however, has refused to do the same. I cannot sit idly and watch while Trump’s integrity goes unchallenged.

Any servicemember who has ever held a security clearance has been subjected to a rigorous background check, to include personal finances, affiliations, and drug activity, all for good reason. The nation entrusts its defense to this small group of talented and determined patriots, in return for this responsibility the nation asks for honesty and integrity. I believe that to be the Commander-in-Chief of this group, you should be held to the same standards.

I am calling on Donald J. Trump to release his tax returns. Every President since Nixon has released their tax returns as an important mechanism of transparency, showing Americans what organizations they support and are affiliated with. In seeking to do my civic duty as an informed and independent voter, I am starting a campaign to pressure Trump to release his tax returns.

This fundraising campaign will raise money for ten veterans groups. Only if Trump releases his tax returns, will any donors be charged and money donated to these organizations. Trump claims to love veterans, and so we’re asking him to put his money where his mouth is. These ten groups all support causes that I personally believe in and best identify with the current generation of millennial veterans.

To be clear, raising and donating this money to veterans groups will not cost a penny to Donald Trump, just the release of his tax returns. I’m asking people to donate whatever they would to support these charities.

-Peter James Kiernan



Campaign created!

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