You helped me get to Colorado to win it for Hillary. But it wasn't enough.

I'm fired up to keep fighting. I dont have a job to return to, so I want to keep fighting for Foster Campbell in Louisiana. If I can raise enough money to go, I'll go down there and lend them the same assistance I did in Colorado. Otherwise I plan to activate the huge volunteer capacity we built here in Colorado to phone bank from out of state.

With Donald Trump as President, we will need every vote we can get in the Senate to keep him in check. That starts with Foster Campbell.

Can you help support me through this time so I can fight for this last Senate seat?

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November 13, 2016

Thank you - and what's next

All -

By now you've read every eloquent, pissed off, terrified and downright strange reaction to the outcome of this election. This won't be another one of those. I've worked to further the Progressive agenda and combat climate change since I first volunteered for Barack Obama in October of 2007. I fought for change on the Hill, in DC, and at the White House. As you know, I came to Colorado to help Hillary, I did that to defend what has literally been my life's work. Now all of that is at stake.

While a significant portion of me wants to take my Westy in to the mountains and come out again in 4 years, and I am sure many of you have had these conversations among your friends, family and even strangers. But I won't be doing that. I cannot and will not give up on the progress we have made with President Obama.

I want to thank you for helping me to come to Colorado to help the Hillary campaign here. I am so grateful that I made the leap to come down here and lend a hand - and more grateful still that you made it possible.

But something else happened while I was here, talking to voters and supporting field staff. A part of me I thought was gone woke back up. The part of me that is most alive when fighting for something I believe in, with brothers and sisters beside me in the fight.

I realize now that I am supposed to be fighting right now... So many people have asked me what's next. The truth is, there is still a fight happening in Louisiana for Foster Campbell (and a few other Democrats down ballot) and I am FIRED UP to defend this seat.

If I can, I am going to stay in Colorado to help coordinate some volunteer capacity from here to help win that Senate seat. If I can get the money together, I may even go down to New Orleans to support them in person, but I need your help.

Will you help me continue to fight for the change we want? I need your help so I can continue to fight for change. Under a Donald Trump Presidency every Democrat in the Senate will count. We have to fight for this one.

Can you make another contribution?

We have to stand up. I've got the time and the fight left to do it, if you can help me.

In solidarity,


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