20,999 people have endorsed Donald Trump on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Robert Pastovic endorsed

    “He keeps his word not like all the RINOS that we have to vote out in the nest primary”

  • H endorsed

    “person of word hard working wants best for people drain the swamp business man , know how 2 save money family man pro life”

  • Richard Baptist endorsed

    “He is our President!”

  • Yahweh endorsed

    “Trump Train TOOT TOOT!!”

  • Bryce Wells endorsed

    “Finally a real leader in America.”

  • Ricky Waggoner endorsed

    “Trump is the best candidate for a better America!”

  • Bob Fuginson endorsed

    “He is better than hillary”

  • Odalys endorsed

    “i endorse donald trump because he will make our lives better. he knows what he is doing .”

  • William Tomlinson endorsed

    “I like that he has a driving attitude and wants to move forward and will not quit and will change America andni believe he is the chosen one by god and Jesus to help this economy”

  • Kara Taylor endorsed

    “To make America great again!!!!!”

  • Joseph P Muckey endorsed

    “we need to make America strong and we need jobs he the man who can do the job”

  • Steve Ackerman endorsed

    “I believe Mr.Trump will create jobs.And make America's safety a top Priority.Lower taxes.”

  • Ethan Murdock endorsed

    “He will make america great again, with donald trumps leadership we will have liberties previously stripped from us. We will have more jobs, we will be taxed less, we will be able to afford health care again. The american dream will be alive and well once again.”

  • Michael Rogerson endorsed

    “I endorse Trump because he and I match well on the issues, and he the better of the two major party nominees.”

  • Gary endorsed

    “He is for America...... He don't need the prestige, money or fame.... He isn't owned by anybody, and both sides are against him.... To me that says the corruption in D.C . , is so rampant that the swamp needs to be drained..”

There are 8 other candidates running in this race: