20,999 people have endorsed Donald Trump on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Samuel Anderson endorsed

    “He has spoken what the citizens have been speaking; yet ignored far too long from the establishment politicians. It's time for someone with a real background in business on a major level; someone with common sense. No longer can we trust the politicians from the parties.”

  • Jerry Sawchuk endorsed

    “economy Immigration Military Foreign Policy”

  • Calvin Vanderwoerd endorsed

    “Donald trump is funny he speaks his mind and he is really rich and he loves to insult”

  • Mikael Sundh endorsed

    “American expatriated to Europe need a balanced view of the juggernaut that is Donald Trump.”

  • Roberto endorsed

    “don't trip trump got it”

  • Stacylbj endorsed

    “Not a bought and paid for politician who believes in the same issues.”

  • Eddie Elyan endorsed

    “Mr. Trump is self funded and not motivated by interest groups and nobody will force him to do anything. he will do everything he can to make America great and make America the best country in the world.”

  • Serena endorsed

    “Just because that I hate the fact that the medias are shamelessly attacking him.”

  • Dennis Wixom endorsed

    “I can tell he's doing something right when politicians from both the Democrat and Republican parties hate him.”

  • Ray Turnbull endorsed

    “I am sick and fed up with the lies of our current political leaders and the situation they have put us in . We are being sucked Into a vortex hat is taking us down into a point of no return .I believe we are on the verge of losing what aS once a great nation. God help us ..Donald Trump help us and don't let up now .we the people are behind you. God Bless You make America Great Again !”

  • Don Trump endorsed

    “There once was a time when people around the world were afraid to cause friction with the U.S., because we would back up our talk with our might. Countries now have been led to believe that we are prime targets and that nothing will stop them from doing whatever they feel like. Significantly, their beliefs are correct. Trump is taking us back to the way our country use to run. He is ripping our dignity, pride and sense of security back from those who have stolen it from us. He will restore the rights we lost under presidents, especially the current one, and it will be a new day in America. Trump is our mouthpiece. He is our spokesman. It's like back in the good old days when someone was being harassed or beat up, and you felt hopeless until a total stranger came up and got your back. So, speaking of "back", lets "back" Trump, who is going to "back" us, and get us EVERYTHING BACK that we were forced to give up. TRUMP 2016!”

  • Langley Reese endorsed

    “Because he's the only one who can tackle ISIS. He's going to rebuild the army.”

  • Charles Tobin endorsed

    “He truly is a "Washington outsider". Lots of people throw that around but Trump works hard to maintain his independence from shady donors and lobbyists because he's been building his businesses in New York this whole time. Washington is ready for someone new.”

  • Breanna Polk endorsed

    “He may have an unorthodox political style, but the man will be able to stand up to our enemies and keep Americans safe. That's the number one priority.”

  • Louis O. endorsed

    “There's a reason this man is leading the polls. He's not a career politician so he's willing to say what everyone else is thinking. He's even funding his own campaign.”

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