20,999 people have endorsed Donald Trump on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Onike A. Johnson endorsed

    “I support Donald Trump because he is my brother in Christ. His platform, his values, his idea for how we should live are very similar to mine. I realize that Mr. Trump is far from perfect,(just like all of us!) but I trust that he has a heart to bring this nation back to a "good place"...a place of TRUE FAMILY VALUES! A place of abundance for all...a safe haven. And no matter what wicked picture the media and this world try to paint of Donald...true believers and supporters of what is right will stand behind him and vote him in as our next President. I and my children are in prayer for you Mr. Trump. Now that you have accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, we will forever be connected. Be blessed...”

  • Tina Miller endorsed

    “He will make America America again”

  • Chris Allen endorsed

    “By far the best candidate in the race. We need someone tough on crime, immigration, and the overall strengthening of our country.”

  • Chris Warwick endorsed

    “He will lower corporate taxes, reduce regulations, repeal Obamacare, appoint Conservative Supreme Court Justices that support Conservative Constitutional Values, drain the Swamp in Washington, build our military and give soldiers nescessary tools and resources to win, and Make America Great Again!”

  • Vadym Yarulin endorsed

    “He has good ideas for defending isis”

  • James Tourangeau endorsed

    “Sorry but don't believe others should be jailed for doing far Les than her. Where has our beliefs in God gone.??I don't believe she would be good for our country due to the fact of her being involved in her husband's presidency and knowing how to manipulate the system.... VERY DANGEROUS!!! SAD BUT TRUE!!”

  • Joy Batrony endorsed

    “Im looking forward to a president who will end government freebies, encourage americans to work be dependant of themselves, but most importantly clean up the and clean out the government crooks!!!!!!”

  • Hp Rupee endorsed

    “Despite the plethora of flaws in both major candidates, the election of hilary clinton seems much more unnerving, both in terms of international relations and individual freedoms”

  • Amanda Smith endorsed

    “I support Mr. Trump 100% and back him on what he wants to do for The AMERICAN People! He's not running for POTUS because of a power trip. He's running for every one of us and our Beautiful Country! God Speed Mr. Trump”

  • Faith Grace GodsLove endorsed

    “The fact that he is not a career politician he has the same beliefs as I do on abortion and immigration as well as the Second Amendment and the fact that he wants to do away com.on core math so he's the candidate I will be backing”

  • Jayden endorsed

    “Donald trump is the guy for office! He's more then just an American he's our next president. Donald will lead us to safety and a healthy American life.Donald trump I pray for you I believe in you!!! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”

  • David Salts endorsed

    “I've never had so much in common with a presidential candidate. I agree with most everything Donald does as far as value's. He is running for the people and to take our country back from the career politicians who are destroying it..”

  • Martin endorsed

    “I endorse Donald Trump because he is the best person to be president at this time in history. He is NOT a member of the Corrupt Washington Establishment Political Machine and he has the best interests of the people of the United States at heart. Therefore, I will be casting mu vote for Donald Trump and will encourage ALL of my friends to join him in MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! May God Bless America Again, under the leadership of a Great President Trump.”

  • Ib Frostybrew endorsed

    “Make America great again.”

  • Keys endorsed

    “Because I believe he will do everything he can to bring the USA back. The liberal agenda has almost destroyed our great country. Also, I do not understand how anyone can vote for Hillary Clinton! She is absolutely a disgrace just like her predecessor.”

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