20,999 people have endorsed Donald Trump on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Tiffany Borkowski (Pixie) endorsed

    “TRUMP/ PENCE 2016”

  • Linda Rock endorsed

    “He is the man for the job! As a business man, he will know where to cut spending and improve our national moral.”

  • Joe Shannon endorsed

    “He is a business man and that is what we need”

  • Marilyn Armstrong Mora-Coleman endorsed

    “he is the most qualified to make the right decisions for our country and help get us out of the hole Obama and the crooked government has put us in...i truly believe he wants what is best for all the citizens in our country and is a great business man and knows how to get the job done! Trump/Pence 2016 all the way to the white house”

  • Courtney Cox endorsed

    “I support TRUMP based on his understanding of how to create jobs and fix broken business.”

  • James M. Calhoun endorsed

    “I agree with everything he says.”

  • Harry Hutcheson endorsed

    “He is what is needed!”

  • Scott Riddle endorsed

    “Common sense”

  • Hily endorsed

    “He is wanting to create more jobs and has a business mind set. Plus he is straight forward person.”

  • Sandee endorsed

    “He is not corrupt. He is for the American people. I was a democrat until this election and now I am voting All REPUBlLICAN.”

  • Philip endorsed


  • Theresa Sluka endorsed

    “America needs to get back on the right track and I believe that Donald Trump has been raised up to do this!”

  • Reina Young endorsed

    “He is the change America needs. We have to stop putting the same old lying, selfish people in office. He is going to make America great again!”

  • William Jones endorsed

    “Donald Trump is a strong leader with a great business acumen and puts America first even at his own peril.”

  • Samantha Creger-Meade endorsed


There are 8 other candidates running in this race: