20,999 people have endorsed Donald Trump on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Kathleen Markley endorsed

    “Because he seems to be the most honest one running”

  • Philip Raskita endorsed

    “I want America to be safe. Keeping the middle class, our children living in a safe and wealthy place. I want America to be Great!”

  • Anonymous endorsed

    “He doesn't want war”

  • Christi Perry endorsed

    “I want my AMERICA BACK the way it used to be”

  • Bob Olson endorsed

    “We need change!”

  • Steve White endorsed

    “He's ttell only person that can turn the country around,, ND Hillary will be in jail, and the other two can't tie their shoes.”

  • Frank Garlatta endorsed


  • #Deplorble SAMman endorsed

    “Business sense and active support, [ out of pocket ] seen during disasters this year. Not an ' in the office' type.”

  • Jeff endorsed

    “He ain't hillary”

  • Cecil endorsed

    “Go Trump!!!!”

  • Dom endorsed

    “I endorse Donald trump bbecause I believe he is the best choice to lead the American people.”

  • Carrie Stoever endorsed

    “I endorse Donald Trump.”

  • Belinda Robinson endorsed

    “He knows what we want in a president not someone who is a lier.”

  • Becky Hedrick endorsed

    “Keep doing what you do”

  • Brandon endorsed

    “He wants to make America great again”

There are 8 other candidates running in this race: