20,999 people have endorsed Donald Trump on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Dave endorsed

    “I believe he will help neutralize a lot of the blunders the Obama administration has created or supported!”

  • Cross Gardner endorsed

    “Because hillary clinton is a fraudulent criminal”

  • Trina Hamilton endorsed

    “Common Sense and no nonsense!”

  • Michelle endorsed

    “because even though your little 'test' showed I am 51% 'with Hillary, that means that I must be at least 49% with Donald. I am a registered Republican, but only vote for the 'good of the Country'..........Hillary has been shown as cheating this country by breaking the law and needs to be punished. Donald has only been shown as (basically) cheating himself and seems to be trying to make amends by caring about his country.”

  • Christy Coker endorsed

    “I endorse Donald Trump because I believe in him as a savy business man I believe he will help people get jobs and help our military be the best it can be he isn't your tipicial politian he's a man first”

  • Rebecca endorsed

    “I support Donald Trump because he is a business man not a politician”

  • Elizabeth Escoe endorsed

    “Because he is the most conservative with most populous voters and a great pro life candidate”

  • David Odom endorsed

    “He is aligned with the values I believe in.”

  • GERI endorsed


  • Jean endorsed


  • Brenden Ford endorsed

    “Donald Trump will take steps towards removing the national debt as well as leaving nafta. Hes experienced in business and is unable to be bought be politicians unlike Clinton, and actually cares about whats going on in the election, unlike Stein and Johnson.”

  • Robert M . Coleman endorsed

    “I do agree with a majority of his position on events in America also I strongly disagree with Hillary Clinton in charge of any form of government”

  • Becky Davis endorsed

    “Best person for the Jobs,Healthcare, security, military, police,American values,religious freedom”

  • Chris Lumsde endorsed

    “The first day he announced I knew he cared about America. All of us. He will work hard for us and others. He is a good guy. I pray he will win. For our children's sake”

  • Anthony endorsed

    “Donald Trump. For one, is not a lair. He has the best economic plan and will solve our debt problem.”

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