20,999 people have endorsed Donald Trump on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Vanessa Engh endorsed

    “Don't like or trust Hillary ,Like Trumps fresh point of view”

  • JD endorsed

    “Make America Great Again!”

  • Lynne Hosler endorsed


  • Virginia endorsed

    “He is what our country needs and he loves our country and wants to see it great again.”

  • Christina endorsed

    “I endorse Donald Trump because he is serious about change in America I believe Donald can do anything he sets forth to do in God we trust he is True American who will change this horrid world we live in and really can and will make America great again”

  • Ladonna Fuller endorsed

    “I believe Donald Trump will make our country great again!”

  • Joe Keefe endorsed

    “He will make America great again and tho I believe in much of what Johnson says there's no chance at him beating Clinton so my Boy Trump gotta take Killary Klinton OUT!”

  • Melissa Farley endorsed

    “I love the fact that you have run this race against all of the political B.S. and not taking money from Super Pacs!!!”

  • Jack McLeod endorsed

    “He will make america great again. He will help with out national debt, he will strenthen our borders and military.”

  • Janell Erney endorsed

    “I agree with almost everything he says.”

  • Lois endorsed

    “His Policies are the best ones for our country at this time... He is a strong leader and isn't afraid to speak his mind while educating people on the facts that really go on in this country... He is a person I could be proud of in the white house.”

  • Nancy Eavenson endorsed

    “I endorse Donald Trump because he wants to appoint conservative judges! This is one of the most important issues. Next is security issues. I agree with Donald on almost every issue and think he will make America Great Again!!!”

  • Marie endorsed

    “I believe many of the things he wants will enhance our life here in America.”

  • James endorsed

    “He is a great buisness man we need more and better paying jobs . border security”

  • Dennis E Cannon endorsed

    “I believe he will expose the corruption in Washington,Lower the national Debt and bring pride back to America”

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