21,001 people have endorsed Donald Trump on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Daniel Hester endorsed


  • David R. Jones endorsed

    “I want my Country back!”

  • Kathy Bourey endorsed

    “I endorse Donald Trump because I not only believe he is what this country needs, but I also believe that Mr. Trump has been Blessed with a heart of giving and I truly believe that he loves our country and wants to put that as his #1 priority! Thank you Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence may God Bless you both and your families.”

  • Julie Coble endorsed

    “Security, closed borders, jobs, pro life and no obamacare just to name a few. My insurance premiums tripled since obamacare went in place. Johnsons a nut and Hilary is not for America.”

  • Pam Arntz endorsed

    “Just plain disgusted with politics!!”

  • Cristina Scheeler endorsed

    “Because I do not believe in the "False Song Of Globalizim”

  • Thomas Hammond endorsed

    “He is the only candidate that will do what he promises! I believe he will "appoint justices that are pro-life, with a conservative bent that will uphold the 2nd Amendment.”

  • Robynn endorsed

    “He is our only hope for America, our Freedom, our Future.That we not be turn into a Globalize, Dictator, Government controlled Communist Country. Furthermore No Government has the Right to tell me who I worship as a religion.I'll die a Catholic my Allegiance is to Jesus Christ not Mohammed, not Allah. I believe in one Nation Under God not Allah. I believe in my Constitutional Rights which will be taken away if KILLARY CLINTON gets elected! I pray for a Free Future for my Grandchildren and the United States of America! #ALWAYSTRUMP #DRAINTHESWAMP #TRUMPENCE #MAGA!”

  • Julie Marsh endorsed

    “Donald Trump is fighting for the American people”

  • Sherri Hurley endorsed

    “I support Donald Trump because I believe he will bring the needed change to our country and I believe he will uphold the constitution. Additionally, even if I didn't believe he'd do those things, I cannot and will not EVER support the lying corrupt Killary or her buddies.”

  • Sandra endorsed

    “Hillary cannot be in charge of our country. I believe Trump can make changes to do what he says in making us great and safe again.”

  • Odette Nasseh endorsed

    “i support Donald trump because of what is concern trump is concern me isis economy corruption government get rich we the people get poor seniors are suffer financially graduate kits has no jobs they move back to live with struggling financially parent mddil class get poor greedy politician growing with out controls i live in fear of the worth if Hillary win i pray trump will win for my children and grand children future”

  • Sheila endorsed

    “Trump is down to earth, and will straighten out the mess of the last 8 years. He will also appoint Supreme Court justices who car about our country. Who recognize the constitution and who want to keep America free. I believe he will put American citizens before illegal aliens, and other countries. I am tired of my tax dollars going to fund causes I do not support.”

  • Sheila Hunt endorsed

    “He has America's best interest. Guinuely wants to help this country.”

  • Sally Coapstick Rempis endorsed

    “I believe our country is in the mess it is in because of politicians and it is time for the business world to call the shots, and turn this country around. What do we have to lose? It has to be better than we have it now!!!”

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