9,907 people have endorsed Ted Cruz on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Dennis Doud endorsed

    “He is a man who has kept his word to the American citizens. He is a true conservative despite his Republican affiliation.”

  • Michael Ponsler endorsed

    “I want the Constitution protected from Leftist thugs that are hellbent on turning this country into a totalitarian nightmare in which our God-given rights are denied”

  • Scarlett Anderson endorsed

    “Ted Cruz is my choice. He is the only candidate for Texas. He has proven he will fight for Texans and is the most conservative candidate for us. He is a God fearing Christian and I would love to see him for speaker of the senate after he wins and then to go on to run for President in 2020. God bless Ted Cruz and Texas!”

  • Adrian Campos endorsed

    “he has good thoughts and opinions that the people want to hear.”

  • Walter Randall Bannister endorsed

    “One of only 3 Senators who knows the constitution and not afraid to stand up for it. (the other 2 senators who know the constitution are Mike Lee (UT) and Rand Paul (KY)”

  • Wes Hajek endorsed

    “I like ted”

  • Alec endorsed

    “he is the closest senator to reagen”

  • Hunter Lentz endorsed

    “Great man”

  • Michelle Kellam-Walker endorsed

    “Ted truly loves our country, citizens and Constitution! He does what he says and lives up to his word, fighting the establishment every day. Thank You Ted Cruz.”

  • Joe endorsed

    “I endorse Ted Cruz because I firmly believe he is the Zodiac Killer. I strive to live in his enormous footsteps.”

  • Sam Goykhman endorsed

    “Ted Cruz is true conservative and true Republican! He does not need to adjust to situation as used car salesman Trump”

  • Zachary Weaver endorsed

    “He is what our country needs.”

  • Zachary Weaver endorsed

    “He's the only consistent conservative left in the field.”

  • Calvin Smith endorsed

    “Cruz is committed to strong family values. He would bring those values to the White House and America would be better for it”

  • Harold Hernandez endorsed

    “His patriotism and dedication to his ideals are both so strong. I respect him for his integrity and trustworthiness. He would be a fantastic president of the United States.”

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