13,901 people have endorsed Bernie Sanders on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Jeanne Marie Dauray endorsed

    “Bernie Sanders is the only candidate moving a real agenda forward that supports a healthy and vibrant future for EVERYONE in this nation.”

  • Calvin Vanderwoerd endorsed

    “Bernie use to be the senator in Vermont and part of the independent party in Vermont also he and trump Would make good presidents sanders has lots of good ideas for the country”

  • Trey Presnell endorsed

    “Bernie is the one person who beyond doubt can beat Trump in the upcoming election, and his rival Hillary cannot be trusted, she will say anything to win. She doesn't care about the people, only becoming the first female president of the United States. I feel we deserve better than her for our first female president.”

  • Brandon Solis endorsed

    “He has a vision that is inclusive. He has the backbone to see it through.”

  • Chris endorsed

    “He is the only candidate that will fight global warming. I trust him with the military, and I trust he will take care of pur veterans. I also trust that he will fight for a single-payer healthcare system and free public college. He understands economics, and will make this country the greatest country on Earth. Crooked Hillary and Terrorist Donald will hurt our nation beyond repair. We need a president that we know will do what is right.”

  • Jenny Aguilar endorsed

    “Bernie is the only candidate who has stayed true to his word.”

  • Antonio endorsed

    “I'm not supporting Bernie because of his history of integrity, support of veterans, equal rights for all, or his bipartisan efforts. I endorse Bernie's vision of the next great achievement America can provide for her own citizens. That vision wins my vote. Bernie just happened to make me believe in its reality.”

  • Edgar Rivera endorsed

    “Because he's has the best foresight of any candidate. Also, his history on civil rights shows his true character.”

  • Reginald Generoso endorsed

    “The man has been speaking on the right side of politics for over 40 years!!! He represents the People!!!”

  • Emily S Evans endorsed

    “I endorse Bernie Sanders because he too believes corruption and special interests have no place in politics.”

  • Tim endorsed

    “Because I am not a window licking zombie who lets their opinions be formed by corporately controlled suck puppets. I am endorsing Bernie Sanders for POTUS.”

  • Matthew And Karen Cross endorsed

    “He's the people man. He is working for us and not bailing out trillion dollar companies that will continue to ruin this earth. We need to wipe the entire government system and start anew. This is out of hand. Go Bernie please win this for us!”

  • J.G. Sandom endorsed

    “He shares my values and he doesn't take money from Big Carbon. He also understands the importance of income inequality.”

  • Tara Walker endorsed

    “He is trustworthy and no matter what the level of popularity on a view is he votes for what his moral compass says is right! People like him can not be bought and our political system is in desperate need of a leader like him!! Integrity does matter, judgement does matter even in politics...especially in politics! He doesn't believe in discrimination of ANY kind!”

  • Maria Grego endorsed

    “I endorse Bernie Sanders for President in 2016 for being the candidate who equally cares and supports ALL Americans! I believe in Bernie and I love how he loves all Americans! You can do it, Bernie!!”

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