13,901 people have endorsed Bernie Sanders on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Phillip Hoffman endorsed

    “His ideas are American & i believe in progress for our country, We need a new approach and his plans seem like good direction to go in”

  • Jason Roy endorsed

    “Always on the right side of history.Does not take money from the 1%.”

  • Quix Lusardi endorsed

    “He is the only candidate with a consistent record of fighting for economic, racial and social justice. Integrity matters!”

  • Abigaele endorsed

    “I endorse Bernie because not only has he never shifted his views based on other peoples influence and opinion, but he's realistic and a voice for all who can't speak up for themselves.”

  • Calvin endorsed

    “He should be the next president of the USA not hillary”

  • Irene Madrid endorsed

    “He is bringing back hope and opportunity to ALL Americans and standing against the corruption and greed of Wall St. Working families will find MORE money in their pockets with Single Payer health care, Seniors will not worry about Social security( it will rise) and Vets will get the services and educations they deserve. For the GREATER GOOD~~it comes back to us all.”

  • John Barbaro, Psychologist endorsed

    “He the most honest politician with integrity that I know, besides caring about All the unfairness in America, and having a plan to fix most of it. Go Bernie...¡!¡!!!”

  • Logan Lee endorsed

    “Bernie is trying to make real change and is not bought by lobbyist and donors. He wants to curb the influence of money in politics, and make the government work for the people. Most importantly, he has proven his dedication to his ideals over his long political career, and, unlike his competition, he does not change his message to suit a specific campaign goal.”

  • Caitlin Imhoff endorsed

    “He speaks for my family. He speaks for my friends. He speaks for ME. He's the only one who sees the problems plaguing our country and actually wants to fight for what matters.”

  • Weaver endorsed

    “Anyone other than Bernie Sanders is either a step backwards or no step at all.”

  • Sy P. Deunom endorsed

    “I Endorse Bernie Sanders because he's the only candidate who's been consistent in his support for human rights, and because he's the only candidate who can be trusted to be an honest warrior against the corrupt government which exists today.”

  • Graciela Martinez endorsed

    “He is consistently for the people and legitimately cares about our future. The economy, environment, and rights of Americans are better entrusted in his hands.”

  • Sarah Sutter endorsed

    “Bernie has been on the right side of history his whole life, and he will lead this country into a new, great era which chooses compassion and peace, over selfishness and wrath.”

  • Jerry Best endorsed

    “Bernie is the only candidate in the race that is truly for the people. He has a consistent progressive record that is unmatched by his flip-flopping foe. He is a man of integrity and character. He is the only candidate running in the positives for likability and trustworthiness.”

  • WeRPeoplesMovement endorsed

    “I endorse Senator Bernie Sanders because he is the only candidate whose policies focus directly on benefiting lower and middle income families. From guaranteeing Health Care as a right to everyone (not almost everyone) through a single-payer system, to putting in action a real plan to begin to raise the federal minimum wage to $15/Hr, and to creating a new; necessary; FDR-style; jobs program, I believe Senator Sanders is the only candidate who can accomplish dethroning the establishment. If we take those three issues and combine them with real infrastructure and educational investment in low income communities, as Senator Sanders has proposed; the American population would be benefited exponentially. As a nation we are only as strong as our poor, and currently in America our poor are dying and more, one-time, middle-class families are falling into poverty plus many of those who fell into poverty back in 2008-09. Strengthening our poor and our middle class--who, like myself, are more like the upper-lower class--will strengthen the backbone of this economy and this country. Senator Sanders is the only candidate who passionately wants to overturn Citizens United. I envision a Clinton presidency forgetting to do so because she accepts so much money from those who benefit most from it. I envision a Senator Sanders presidency as one who will fight until the end of his term(s) to overturn it. Senator Sanders authentic views on education NOT incarceration as well as believing Marijuana possession should not be a Federal crime combined with real criminal justice reform and investment in the community will greatly begin to improve economic and educational status as well as the relationship and political efficacy of our minority Americans in relation to their government. I believe Senator Sanders authentic, impassioned, and "revolutionary" view of the American government going back to representing its people and not its lobbyists or its billionaires is integral to a recreating sustainable American middle class, helping to finally decrease the income inequality gap, lowering the current 14.8% of the Population who is currently living under the poverty line. A vote for Senator Sanders is a vote for creating an economically stable America. #feelthebern”

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