13,901 people have endorsed Bernie Sanders on Crowdpac. Here's what they are saying:
  • Isiah Neidigh endorsed

    “He stands for those who are not born with a silver spoon, and seeks to make things equal between those who are.”

  • Ziheng Fang endorsed

    “He's the only one who stands with the people, not the billionaires who are tearing apart this country!”

  • Beezy endorsed

    “I do not believe that the current status quo is tenable and #BernieSanders is the only one inspiring the movement necessary to change it.”

  • Darien Norman endorsed

    “He is the best candidate we have . He truly is a honest man . #feelthebern!”

  • Deen Haleem endorsed

    “Because major financial interests are overruling the common interest through current campaign financing”

  • Nithya Shanti endorsed

    “Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who seems to be serious and committed to tackling climate change and reawakening the true spirit of democracy by empowering the people. His rejection of super packs, reliance on small donations and consistency on issues evokes respect and trust. I also admire his refusal to personally attack other candidates and stick to the real issues despite being endlessly prodded to do so by the media.”

  • Martin Phelan endorsed

    “You are not only a shining light in America, you are a shining light to the world. America will awaken when you are President. Best of luck Bernie, Regards Martin.”

  • Laer Haider endorsed

    “Bernie understands the roots of the evils plaguing our nation. Money being considered speech, and corporations twisting politics with that kind of “speak.” I believe he will make an effort to change the Constitution so that even idiots will understand the intent of its writers. We the People should control our government and our politics -- NOT multi-national corporations and the monied few!”

  • Joseph Russell endorsed

    “I support Bernie because he's the president we need in a country where the quality of life of the average American worker is lower than 40 years ago, where the environment is under attack from corporations and right-wing politicians alike, and where profits are placed above people at so many levels of our society.”

  • Yasmin Soraya endorsed

    “He's the future America!”

  • Wooderson endorsed


  • Umang Dave endorsed

    “Only politician not beholden to corporate money; able to attract the independent vote; principled; honest; amazingly consistent over his entire life”

  • B Saulter El endorsed

    “I endorse Bernie Sanders because he is the only candidate that is seeking to restore the middle class with a truly progressive agenda. He is a man of action who has been fighting for the American people for nearly 40 years.”

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